Catching Up!


What can I say? Sigh – a picture IS worth a thousand words.  Isn’t my husband handsome!


As anyone who attempts to follow this blog knows, my posts may trickle off for no reason, or a good reason, or something in between.  This particular hole in in the blog was due solely to lack of time, and then technical difficulties.  The last three weeks have been crazy.  Not only did I manage to put a wedding together, I was on trial for 2 straight weeks, and without going into detail, it was a nightmare. 


In the midst of this perfect storm of obligations, I was writing blog posts in my head – but, unfortunately, what was in my head was never realized “on paper.”  When I finally did find time to write, it turned out that my website had been hacked, and Dreamhost had moved all of my files into a temporary, unpublished folder.  I got this long, involved email from Dreamhost about how to find the corrupted files, update software, etc., but really, in the middle of trying a shooting case that seemed to drag on into eternity, making ridiculous wedding favors, and counting the days that my wedding dress wasn’t in (it came in the week before the wedding – just when it was supposed to, but nervewracking nonetheless), I was flumoxed.  So, after the wedding, I wrote Dreamhost a rather pathetic email about how inept I am at anything other than one button installing, and they graciously fixed my problems.  Thank you Dreamhost!


Anyway, here are some of the blog posts I thought about writing, but never did –


1.  Cultural Graffiti – Joe and I saw The Informant when it came out (that will tell you how long ago I started writing in my head, and not regurgitating on the computer).  I had a total eggheady post planned about the new trend in art, literature, movies, whatever, to graffiti on top of original material.  In the Informant, there’s a rather dull, straightforward corporate espionage thriller that is falling flat on the bottom, and then, there’s a running internal monologue that Matt Damon’s character is having with himself superimposed on top in the form of a voice over.  Instead of being able to craft a tongue-in-cheek movie with just the primary script, the director failed so miserably that in order for people to get it, he had to carve open his main characters brain in order for us to get that the guy was really a bungling sociopath.  And then there’s the new fascination with Jane Austen and Vampires, and Jane Austen and Sea Monsters.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this desire to put crap on top of art (or in the case of  The Informant, crap on top of crap), and, since I never wrote the post, I’ll guess I’ll figure out my final thoughts on the subject some day.


2.  Dancing with the Stars – I can’t even begin to tell you how incensed I was about Tom DeLay buffooning around in our Stars and Stripes on national television.  I wanted to write to the show so they could change his introduction from “former congressman” to” disgraced former congressman.”  His prancing around in tights and liederhosen is just another sign of our nation’s call to tackiness.  It is no wonder that Serena Williams told a line judge that she was going to shove a ball down her f-ing throat, that our President was called a liar by a heckler in a joint session of Congress, that Kanye West crashed the stage at the Grammy’s.  If we can collectively support an indicted, but not yet tried, thief in a ridiculous ballroom dancing competition which gives Japanese game shows a run for their money, really . . . we have to start asking when we draw the line between entertainment and offense. 


3.  My wedding shawl.  So, um, yeah – Brad Lidge failed miserably in his one closing appearance at the World Series, and I failed to close the handknit accessory of my wedding ensemble.  Sort of.  I started out knitting Miralda’s Triangle, as you will recall, but my original idea had been to knit something worsted since the weddingcapewedding was November 1.  So, when Ysolda’s capelet, Emily, came out, I totally switched up, put aside the fingering weight shawl, bought some Manos silk blend, and knit this.


I was so excited – perfect, I thought.


And then I tried it on with the dress – P1100498

And, as you can see, I’m not wearing it.  It didn’t match – at all.  The color was completely wrong.  How could I go wrong with cream, I thought?  But, I did.  Sigh.  So, I thought about reknitting it, with a whiter yarn, I thought about the new Manos Rittenhouse blend, a yummy, smooth merino, but I only had a week until the wedding, I was still on trial, and I had another case to try in the middle of the one I was already trying – so I just gave up, gave in.  And, it was fine – it was  a warm day.


4.  And, to end the suspense for all – it being a warm day, no hose!  And no one said a word . . .wendyandjoe

And see, you can’t even tell!


  1. Mariss November 6, 2009

    Congrats again! Looks like your wedding went fine without the knitting. Good for you for letting go of an expectation that didn’t matter 🙂 And if one of your loved ones cared that you didn’t wear stockings…screw em’! 😛

  2. chris November 6, 2009

    You look Beautiful! Congratulations to you both!

  3. thea November 6, 2009

    congratulations! Life is way more important than sharing it with the interweb.

    Your dress is gorgeous – very Jackie O I’m thinking. You look very happy in the pics.

    And too bad about the shawl, but that puppy will also look nice with jeans and other things, as you go on and make some more memories with your lovely husband!

  4. thea November 6, 2009

    oops, I meant to say “living life is way more important…” you get the gist.

  5. Lisa November 6, 2009

    Wendy, you look gorgeous and the two of you gloriously happy! Mazel tov! May you have many years of joy together.

  6. Magda November 7, 2009

    Wendy, you look beautiful and the dress looks fabulous! Congratulations. You guys are quite the good looking couple.

  7. AllisonInPhilly November 7, 2009

    Holy moly — you look happy and gorgeous! Love the hair! “Cream” it seems is like “navy” — a very slushy area. But it looks beautiful — will be nice for some occasion, I’m sure. My very best to you both!

  8. Bridget November 10, 2009

    Congratulations! I was thinking of you, and hoping that all went well – and as long as it went well on THAT day, it’s good.

    Your dress is beautiful – fancy without being one of those sickening-sweet-wedding dresses – and looks like it was made for you. Your husband looks pretty great too … (it’s so weird to see “my husband” in your blog post! But a good weird, of course.)

    Best wishes for a long and happy life together. If nothing else, maybe you will have a marriage like ours, where we refuse to get divorced because we are both too stubborn to admit that it’s not working … 😉


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