{80/365} – A Day for the Hubbie

Today was all about the husband – and that’s ok – he deserves it!

First, we visited his dream car – the Camaro – ooooo, ahhhhh –

Dreams were nearly crushed when he realized that he didn’t quite fit in the driver’s seat.

But have no fear – the salesman showed us the sunroofless model – and he has a tiny bit of head room – just enough to keep the Camaro dream alive!




And then, before we saw the Tillman Story (which I’m planning on reviewing on Lemontines tomorrow if you’re interested), we indulged in his favorite dessert – chocolate (and marshmellows – smores! and beer, of course)


And after the movie – at midnight, the purpose and pinnacle of our evening!


The midnight release of Halo Reach.  Yep, at the Game Stop at midnight.  Good wife, eh?


But you never knew there could be a line at the Game Stop at midnight.

Kind of like sleeping out for Springsteen tickets.

Or not.



Purchase complete!


And it might as well be Christmas at the Ramos house!

Ho ho ho!


  1. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos September 14, 2010

    The story is hilarious but even more so…your husband’s face. I’m not convinced that he enjoys having his picture made.

  2. Katy Noelle September 17, 2010

    good wifey! gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD wifey!!!!!!! You guys! Your photos – I don’t know – accessible – I’ve liked you from the first because of them – your expressions – just wonderful!

  3. robin September 23, 2010

    Why is it always the tall guys that go for the Camaros. In high school all my 6ft+ friends drove Camaros, I-Rocs or Firebirds. Gee, there’s no way anyone would guess I grew up in Jersey, huh?


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