And Now for Something Completely Different – Knitting!

I can’t believe I only finished one item this winter (well, there were all of those holiday hats – so more than one – but only one for me).  My knitting is really low on the priority ladder these days.  The other night I was watching t.v., and playing with the iPad, and I thought, huh, I could be knitting.  Shocking, that this only occurred to me after watching tv for at least an hour.  Not like the old days of marathon knitting in front of the tube.  The knit mojo will come back, though, I know it.

But, until then, here’s my one FO – this is Adelaide, the cover design from Vintage Modern Knits.  In the book it’s a pullover, but I added a steek and made a cardigan.


This is not knit in Fibre Co. yarn, like the pattern.  As much as I love you Terra, you were too expensive for this project, knowing that frugal times were a-coming.  Instead, this is Bartlett Yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Love Bartlett – it’s definitely yarny yarn, in knitspeak.

Here’s a close up of the yoke –

Nice buttons, eh?  I finished the sweater while I was on trial in January.  During a lunch break, when the jury was out, I walked over to Karlin’s at 8th and Market, a sewing store I tend to forget about since it’s not in the trendy part of town.  But, these buttons worked well, and I spent my time waiting for the jury to come back sewing them on, and weaving in the gazillion ends from the fair isle.

Luckily, we won the trial – or I’d have bad feelings about the sweater.

Eh, I’d probably still wear it – it’s so warm and awesome.



  1. Sarah Friedman March 28, 2012


  2. sunsetknitter March 28, 2012

    very pretty

  3. Courtney Kelley March 28, 2012

    It looks awesome! Great job with the steek too, I like it as a cardigan. Glad you won the trial too!


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