Keeping Up With Project Life

Amazing how on top of this project I am!  30 days of this – fail! 30 days of that – fail!  365 – well, we all know about that one.  Of course, this is only the fifth week, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.  And this week is half done as well.  Toot toot – that was my horn!  


Nothing too interesting to note, other than the two journaling cards – well, at least I think it’s interesting.  The paper is from my Tim Holtz paper pack from my failed mini-book.  I loved the paper so much, that I scanned a lot of it into my computer, and now – voila!  Another digi supply.  The more I look at digi supplies – particularly art journaling supplies – I just think – eh, I can make that myself, and I tend not to buy something I think I can make.  The only problem with that is – I’m all about instant gratification – if I want a gesso splatter, I’d rather have one in a nice little file on my computer rather than running up to the craft room, making a few splatters, waiting a few hours for it to dry enough to feel safe to put it on the scanner – too long!  So, I think this is probably pretty common – we can all make stuff – but its so easy to go to an online store, that’s open 24-7, and hit that buy button – unless it’s a gigantic full kit, it’ll probably be well under $5.00.  But, I’m thinking tomorrow maybe I’ll get my for real for real craft on and make some painted papers and splatters, and whatever.  I feel a new grunge brush set coming on!  Who knows – maybe there’ll be a whole Tea with Lemon freebie kit – but that’s going a bit crazy.

I was listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast the other day, and no, I’m not going to do any more paper scrapping ever, but I do enjoy when they talk about photography, and different methods of memory keeping.  Anyway, they read a reader email about Project Life – basically, the question was “Hi, my husband and I are childless, and I was wondering if Project Life is for me.  Our life seems so repetitive – we do the same thing every week, just wearing different clothes.  Do people without families do Project Life?”  You may remember, when I started this project, I was concerned about doing a scrapbook project with just the two of us (and Joey, but he’s only here 2 days a week), but I wasn’t concerned about the content – a family is however you define it, and just because we don’t have little kids running around, we aren’t any less of a family.  I was more concerned about who I was doing the memory keeping for.  I feel like people with kids scrap for their kids – so their kids will have a preserved set of memories, and to a smaller extent, for themselves.  So the question wasn’t whether our lives were scrap worthy – but why would I be doing it?  Once I decided that yeah, when I’m 64, or 74 or whatever, I want to sit with a scrapbook in my lap and get nostalgic and misty eyed about our younger years, it was full steam ahead.  So what if our lives are repetitive – that’s life.   And that’s kids too – Project Life albums with kids are no less repetitive than single folk or married couples – what could be more repetitive than a picture of a kid reading a book every week, doing homework every week, the weekly soccer game, dance recital, whatever. And it’s all ok – in fact, it’s more than ok – that’s the point.  Documenting your daily life – because its yours.

So, no matter what you’re family make-up – go for it.  It’s easy peasy.


So, what else did I use besides my Tim Holtz paper?  Again, the Katie Pertiet, Layered Pocket Pages No. 4, Paper, a free election day kit, Chelle’s Creations Rock the Vote, Labels, flower, and buttons, Studio Blagovesta Coffee With a Friend, Shadowhouse Creations Postcards, doodles from  Tangie Baxter and Tumblefish studios, and the fun party hats from Tumble Fish Studios.   The No. 26 is from a Michelle Godin alphabet that I got in my November Daily Digi pack.  I also finally used a Becky Higgins product (I do have the Becky Higgins binder and pocket pages) – the Hello Everyday Life card.  

Huh, look who just came to visit – flew right up to our second floor window – nice to have the camera sitting on the desk!  Too bad about the window though.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Andria November 24, 2012

    Your pages look really amazing. Anything but monotonous! I would imagine that a project like this would encourage you to look beyond the things that happen over and over again, and help you appreciate maybe smaller details that set one day apart from the last.


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