More Leaves

After Hurricane Sandy blew through, Joe and I spent an entire day blowing, bagging and dragging leaves into the street.

I thought our yard was a blanket of leaves because of the Hurricane. 

But it wasn’t.

It was wall to wall leaf just because it’s fall.

And I know that because they were all back the next week.

Here’s what our yard looked like after the Hurricane –


I took this when were just about half done – crazy huh?

Luckily, my parents gifted us a leaf blower last year.  It didn’t get much of  a work out last year, since we moved in in January – but this year –

And once blown, they had to be dragged to the street –

Ta da –

You’d think we we’d be done after this (and this is only half – we had them piled up on the other side of the driveway as well) – but nope – nope, we were back at it yesterday –

Look at all of the bags!!

No one told me about all of this yard work when we were thinking about moving to the suburbs.  I just don’t remember any raking, or bagging, or leaf blowing when I lived with my parents in the ‘burbs.  I guess our lawn was just a mess, but it certainly didn’t occur to me that we should be out there doing anything.  The only yard upkeep I remember is my dad mowing the lawn with a shmata rag on his head, and that’s about it.  Not any more.

But, who enjoyed the leaves?

Sneaky Olive –

She’s so totally about to pounce.

And here’s Lemon – leaping for her life –

Crazy puppy is right behind her!

Glad someone enjoyed all of this fall-ness!


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