Lemon in Action

For a blog named after her, she hasn’t been making too many appearances.

I think it’s time for some Lemon!

I actually took my camera outside to photograph flowers for Texture Tuesday, but nothing is really in full bloom anymore, and all of the flowers seem to be on the downward side of their cycle.  So, I decided to practice some action photography.  At first, I couldn’t understand why my focus was all screwed up – my shutter was set to a pretty fast speed, I had my ISO up.  But, oh yeah, the target is moving – and the focus has to move too.  Then, I remembered that the Canon 7D has several focusing modes (duh, that’s why I bought the darn thing, so I would have more control – it’s amazing how lazy I’ve gotten), and if you switch your focus mode from One Shot to AI Servo mode – this allows you to shoot a moving target.  You focus on the subject, and then as the subject moves, the Canon will compensate, and continue to focus as the target jumps and moves around.

So, here’s Lemon playing ball.  The focus still isn’t perfect, not because I hadn’t figured out the AI Servo mode, but because it was really too dark to be relying on such a fast shutter speed.  But, they’re still Lemon!


She’s so spry, our girl!

And no one is getting their hands on her ball –

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  1. Corrine June 27, 2012

    Aw she is so sweet. My son's Boston Brubear spends alot of time with us and he takes all our dogs toys outside and no one gets them out of his jaws either. xox


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