Texture Tuesday

How cool is this little book?

My superduper friend Mindy made it, using techniques from Stephanie Lee’s Handbook of Elements class.  

And she gave it to me!!!!

When I opened the package, I was just speechless.  It’s just so lovely.

Here’s the spine –

Vintage mother of pearl buttons.

The book is soldered, with plaster pages.  When I first saw the book in her Flickr stream, I admired it, but poo pooed the soldering.  No fire for me.  Silly, she said, it’s easy.  Of course you can solder!

And when the little book came in the mail, and I turned it over and over in my hands, admiring it so, Joe said, you could do that – I have a soldering gun.

I can do that?

Fire, me?

I don’t know – but I know I’m intrigued . . .

Thanks Mindy! For the book, for the inspiration, for just everything!

And, for anyone stopping by for Texture Tuesday – the first photo has Kim’s Mixed Media Texture.  And the bottom photo has her Art and Joy Texture, and another – but I forget which one it is – one of the grungy ones.



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  1. Kia June 20, 2012

    How exquisite! 😀 What a marvelous little book. Love your texture work too.


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