The Driveway As Canvas

Yep, our house is so crafty, that even the driveway serves it’s craft “driven” purpose – ha ha! – I just crack myself up.


A perfectly good rendition of the Liberty Bell – turn your head a bit – there you go – Liberty Bell.  Although, Brooke was drawing the Liberty Bell from Citizens Bank Park, not the actual Liberty Bell, and was surprised to learn there’s actually a real bell.

Our house is a very educational place.

But, it’s a good thing we don’t take up singing – the Ramos von Trapp would probably not be a good idea with the neighbors, who are trying to sell their house.  Craft is much quieter.

Anyway, yesterday was Ramos lunch, the biweekly gathering of Ramos’s.  This is the second time we’ve hosted lunch, and honestly, for me, who cooked for all of one person for 38 years of my life, this is a challenge.  SmartOnes and Ramen Noodles just won’t do.  And, that’s not to say I’m a bad cook – but I’ve never been a bulk cook – and there are 13 Ramos’s including us. Last time, Joe made lasagna, this time it was my turn.  So, on Saturday night, I fried up 35 chicken cutlets, and yesterday, I made them parmegan.  Salad out of a bag works, as does string beans steamed in the bag.

I guess it was a success.  Everyone ate.  Folks took home leftovers, that’s always a thumbs up endorsement.

And, our yard was enjoyed –

And, of course there was cake – because what’s a Ramos’ lunch without a birthday.

And with 13 Ramos’, we’ve pretty much got every month covered.

That’s it – off to make an index card!



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