29 Faces – 16 & 17

Not quite caught up, but I’m working on it!

The office closed early – yeah! – due to a busted air conditioner – boo! Rumor has it that it’s going to take between 4-6 weeks to get the thing up and running again – double boo! Triple ugh! I’m actually glad I’m going to the prison Tuesday.

Anyway, Lemon and I spent some quality time in the ol’ backyard, and I did some sketching –

This is with my new Inktense pencils – I thought I bought black and white, but I bought sepia and white. Oops. I’m definitely going to go back and get the black.

And this one is charcoal and a white Conte crayon and white pan pastel –

She’s a bit googly eyed, but I like her.

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  1. denthe May 28, 2012

    Love them both!


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