Mother’s Day 2012

Someone’s wearing her pendant!

So, I thought my Paris pendants were brilliant – and they turned out well.  But, surprisingly, my mother liked the one of her mother (well, that’s not so surprising), but she really liked the one of the face I painted.  This one:

She was just so impressed.  Although she didn’t quite understand why her head was titled so cockamamy.

I guess I don’t either.

And Danielle liked her SheArt pendant –

And while she liked it, when she found a photo of a zebra on my ipad from our trip to the Cape May Zoo last summer, she put in a special request for a zebra pendant.

No problem.

Maybe it will even have beads!

I didn’t take any photos of the scarf, but it turned out ok, and nothing really looks too heinous with a Gita Maria pin , which is why I bought the darn kit in the first place.

So, a few more shots from Mother’s Day –


And mom’s present from Danielle and Jake:

My sister-in-law is quite the queen of Shutterfly.

Hope everyone had a lovely day – we did!

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