Mother’s Day Approacheth

Just because I couldn’t buy yarn for myself at Sheep and Wool didn’t mean I couldn’t buy it for someone else.

You would think a festival would be a great place to buy a Mother’s Day gift. Nice thought, but the truth is, my mother is only a fair knitter, and she knits mostly charity things – baby blankets, hats, etc., in that dreaded Red Heart.

So, I was really looking for something else. What that was, I didn’t know exactly, but I thought I might find a simple kit with a simple project. And, I did. But then I decided what was simple to me, might not be simple to her, so I decided to knit it for her.

Can I tell you that this simple pattern – this knit stitch only pattern, that promises to take only 3 hours – has been the bane of my existence.  

I’ve now knit it three times in probably three hours. First, the pattern called for a size 15 needles, so I knit it, and what was supposed to be a scarf looked as big as a hanky.   Not that you’d want to blow your nose in this stuff.  So, I borrowed size 19 needles from the yarn store, and cast on again. However, I was so distracted by my thoughts in the post below, and I was running the whole thing by the girls at knitting circle, I accidentally recast it on on the 15’s again. I finished it – again – and, again had a circus clown, yarn hankie.  And then I gazed across the room to see the 19’s sitting by the register, and I realized what I had done – again.

So, I took a breather, and cast on again last night – knit for a half hour, and it’s about four rows from being done. It’s definitely better, but . . .

it’s . . . gosh – really, what is it?  I wanted to buy my mom a kit that looked like she had bought it at Chico’s.

I think I nailed that.

But is that really a good thing?

Eh . . . we’ll see.

So then, I started thinking, I had better make something else.  And just as I thought that, I stumbled onto this excellent tutorial on making Domino pendants from Art Play Today.



Looks easy peasy right?

And it was!

Here are the pendants I made so far – preresin, that is.  Since taking this photo this morning, I’ve mixed the resin, “frosted the cake,” and they’re now drying.


The photo of the woman is my grandmother.  It’s actually part of a four square of photos.  She borrowed her sister’s fur, snuck out of the house, had her picture taken, snuck back in, and returned the coat.  The rest of the photos are pretty awesome too, but this one was the best shape for a domino.  The tulips are from the flower show, the crow from our backyard, the other flowers from the beach, the cardinal from my parent’s backyard, and a face I painted on tissue paper.

Then, after I was all finished up, I had a brainstorm.


I remember my fantastically fabulous Cartes Postales book that I brought back from my trip to Switzerland years ago.  I think I paid $20 for the whole thing.  

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful the postcards are inside.  

And they’re all copyright expired.

Anyway, so what I did was I scanned a few fronts, then scanned the backs, and then I used the handwritten backs as overlays.

How cool are these?  Well, the SheArt one is for my niece, I don’t know how cool that one is, but the vintage postcards?!?!  

So what to do with this stash of postcards?

Hoard them for myself?

Create free collage sheets?

I don’t know.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Lisa May 15, 2012

    Those are very cool, Wendy!


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