Altered Not-an-Altoid Tin

I know I’m losing it a little every day, so if I already blah blah blah’ed about this – skip down.  I found the little wooden people class because ATC-Fun on Yahoo is doing an art doll swap.  I googled Art Doll – and not only did my little wooden peeps pop up, but so did a whole host of assemblage dolls, cloth dolls, paper clay dolls – you name it, someone’s made a doll out of it.  Including, altoid tins.  So, for whatever reason, like the wooden peeps, the altered tins caught my eye – I thought (not my idea, of course – just out of all of the things you can do with an Altoid tin, the photo book sold me) would make a nifty little photo book.  So, I read a few tutorials, and realized I had kind of missed the heyday of the altered tin, because Altoid Tins ain’t what they used to be.  They used to be flat, and now they’re embossed.  Further research!  It turns out, in case you’re curious, Trader Joe’s sells a brand of mints that’s not only sugar free, but they’re in a flat tin.  Now, there are folks who really go to town on these tins – and the embossing doesn’t particularly matter to them because they’re going to literally torch the tin anyway.  I’m not playing with fire, I just wanted to glue paper on mine.  So I walked over to Trader Joe’s at lunch and picked up four tins.  I know, that’s a lot of mints.

So, the project moved forward – my aunt had sent me a housewarming gift, I wanted to send her some photos of the house, and voila – a perfect opportunity to try the altered tin.

I basically followed this tutorial and then I kind of engineered a way to put the photos in –


So, I didn’t quite follow the tutorial for the strip around the bottom – you know that saying – measure twice, cut once.  I must have measured five times, and cut seven – whatever.  It just didn’t work out, and I was getting really frustrated, and I wasn’t liking the paper I had picked anymore, but it was already glued down – sigh – so I went with a ribbon.

Inside –

Sloppy sloppy.  I’m going with it – but the next time I do this, I’m definitely going to work a bit harder on the template size for the photos – they’re all cut wonky – I definitely need a corner rounder, or whatever you call them.

And the photos –

Now, when I started out this evening, I really didn’t have a solid idea of how I was going to attach the photos.  Was I going to make an accordion book?  Use tags?  Paste the photos on cards?  I saw a tutorial that used two ribbons, and then attached the photos (which were on cards) with brads to the ribbons.  All well and good, but I don’t have any ribbon – just one long piece of ric rac.  So, I improvised – I glued all of the photos to a strip of ric rac – so you pull on the tab, and they all spill out.

Ta da!

I’m just envisioning how awesome the next one is going to be!

And, what’s a post these days without wooden peeps!

I love the keys!!!

I still have three more on my work space waiting to be put together, and I have an idea for two more for Mother’s Day.

And, I still haven’t decided which one I’m going to part with for the swap!



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  1. lois haase September 30, 2018

    loved the little people
    how creative and wonderful


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