More Wooden Peeps

So, Omni Gel is the miracle product Laura Robberts promised it would be.

Can you hear the choir singing that one long “laaaaaa” note!

Anyway, I didn’t anticipate making so many more wooden people. I figured I’d print out a bunch of faces and bodies, and maybe one or two transfers would actually work out.

Wrong – they all did.

And they all were really good.

Omni Gel is da bomb.

Here they are pre legs. And the embelishments are just in the idea stage at the moment. So are the heads for the matter – because I can’t decide if I like blue girl and the red girl the way the are or like this:

I don’t know. It’ll come to me tomorrow. I have ideas swirling around for legs. And, I think the funky one might get arms as well.

We shall see. The frenzy is over, and I don’t feel rushed.

I did feel rushed to make these however –

because the deadline is Monday, although my Facebook swap group is pretty lax about deadlines. I like to meet them, though. Anyway, these are bigger than ATC’s – these mixed media row houses. Well, there aren’t too many medias mixed in there – some collage, some ink, some chalk. I had this grand idea that I was going to make bird houses – use the corrogated side of cardboard for shingles, and this pretty cool vaseline resist technique to make the “wood” look worn – but, I was really tired after the wooden people, and I decided to just do something easy peasy. The images are from Hidden Vintage Studio’s new set May Flowers – you may recognize some of the heads on the wooden peeps.

Have to reuse when you’re on a budget.

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