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So, I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been intrigued with Digital Art, and Tangie Baxter‘s Art Journal Caravan – which, when we sell the house, I plan to hop on.  But, until then, everything in the store is just a tad expensive compared to Deviant Scrap (although, when you join the Caravan, you get discounts on each weekly add on pack).  So, in an effort to satisfy my curiousity, and see if I have a knack for digital art at all, after getting paid yesterday, I splurged $12 and bought this (from Crowabout StudioB) and this (from Crowabout and Tumble Fish) plus an add-on kit from Deviant Scrap.  Once I had all of the digital papers, and the pieces, and the bit and bops, I thought, huh – and I mulled it over.  On one hand its kind of fun, fitting all of the pieces together into a nifty digital collage.  On the other hand, there’s something about this format that feels less like my art than say a paper collage.  But, that aside, it was fun.  And, here’s what I made, for an Swap-Bot envelope swap –


So, this is about 15 or 16 Photoshop layers, and at one point, I had so much stuff going on – birds, and cut-out newspaper stars, and balloons, and all kinds of other crap, that I was up to 30 or so layers.  I don’t know why, but I deleted them all and just went with something clean.  The problem is that because of the issue that a stamp actually has to go on the envelope, I don’t feel like the piece is very balanced.  But, it’s fun.  The back of the envelope is the same funky paper, with a funky From and another mailing label for my return address.  By the time I did the back, I had already fought with my printer for a half hour (the printer won), and I really didn’t have the energy to cut and paste any more.

What’s the problem with the printer, you sympathetically ask?  Well, for one, it will only print envelopes with a white border – and I wanted my half stars to be the border.  And, two, it won’t center the image.  Bummer.  So, when I gave up trying to change what could not be changed, I ended up stamping around the white border with Stazon ink, and adding some distress ink – no more white, and it makes it less computery, and more personal.  So, I ended up liking it- however, I didn’t take a photo, oh well.

So, looking at it now, I’m seeing other things I could have done with the pieces in my digital stash.  

I’ll save my ideas for next time, this one is already in the post!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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