Something Pretty for the Weekend

I think I’ve mentioned to you before that Friday is my regular prison visiting day.

I can’t even tell you how lucky I feel when I get to leave.  And, go home.

Where there is life all around.

Have a great weekend!

Yarn Along or Come Along to Maryland Sheep & Wool


Happy Wednesday!  Once again I’ll be linking up with Ginny of Small Things for her weekly, Yarn-Along.

I’m now on the last clue of Fiddleknits Designs Earth MKAL.  I discussed the MKAL at length in my last Yarn Along post.  I really think the construction of this shawl was genius.  So genius, I’m not even sure I can explain it – mind boggling!  It started at the point of one of the shawl, knitting the body, and half of the first band of edging stitches at the same time.  When you finished the body of the shawl, you had half the first band of edging stitches knit, so in order to knit the second half, there was this short row maneuver to turn the work, and begin knitting the small cabled edging from the bottom center, to the end point.  Then, when at the end point, 25 stitches were cast on, and that’s the edging I’m working on now – which is joined to the body with an SSK.

Whatever I said, it looks awesome, right?

There are 50 repeats of the lace edge, and I think I’m on the 12th, so I’ve still got a bit to go, but I can definitely see and feel that light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s not going to be done in time for Mother’s Day, but that’s ok – because I think I gave my mom a shawl last year . . . and the year before . . . and the year before.  So, this year, it’ll be something else, and I guess I’ll just have to keep this one for myself.  Darn!

And, as I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, and I talked about in this video, this past Saturday was high holy day of East Coast knitters, the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  My friend, Christina, aka Knitty D, and I have been going every year for longer than we care to remember – a looong time.   This year, I was pretty much Instagramming the whole time – which was awesome!  I really loved sharing in real time.

So, in case you weren’t following me on instagram (I’m TeaWithLemon on Instagram if you do want to follow), I shared sheep – of course!

And our purchases:

 Look – that skein I’m waving excitedly in the first photo – the ever elusive Wollmeise Twin.  There was one basket of Wollmeise at the entire festival – and of course, we found it, clever girls that we are!  After purchasing it, I spent some time with it, and frankly, I don’t know what the big deal is – but I’ll hold off my final judgement until I actually knit with it.  The next photo is me clutching my Miss Babs – 3 skeins of Yowza, a big ol’ skein (560 yds) of worsted, for this sweater.   And, I do mean clutching – no one was going to snatch my yarn – that yarn was flying off the shelves – all of those folks in the bottom middle photo – that’s Miss Babs’ booth – and the line stretched out the back of the barn, all the way down to the fence you can see in the bottom left photo.  The gentlement with the mandolin was kind enough to entertain us while we waited . . . and waited.  But, we won – we got our yarn, all that matters.  In the side middle photo, you can see my next purchase, fingering weight Shetland for this sweater.

One of my favorite vendors at Sheep & Wool is basically a junk store – lots of old printer’s trays, spoons and forks bent and prodded into cellphone holders and napkin rings, old spools, bottles, knitty noddies. So much fun stuff!  The felted R2D2 was not part of the junk shop.  Can I just tell you – felt was HUGE this year.  Needle felted gnomes, ornaments, Star Wars figures – you name it, it was felted.  Also big this year, wool applique and wool based art quilting.

And, not only are there Sheep at Sheep & Wool, we can’t forget about the goats:

Oh, what the heck, and a few more sheep:

Can’t have too many sheep, right?  Livestock is only a once a year thing for me, at least.  And, don’t be fooled by the lazy sheep photos, some of the sheep are working, taking orders from a showing off sheep dog:

As always, the dogs were impressive.

And, after all of the purchasing and sheep petting was done, we ended the day the only way you should in Maryland, with crabs:

Can it get better than this?

And, reading?  Hmmmm . . . books, I remember them.  No time for reading this week – there was yarn to be had, dammit!  I have decided that I am abandoning A Little Life.  I really really wanted to like it because Anne Kingman, from my favorite books podcast, Books on the Nightstand, recommended it so highly – so highly in fact, that she devoted and entire episode to it.  But, I just don’t like it . . . at all.  So, life is too short to continue on with a 700+ page book you don’t like – by next week, I’ll let you know what I’m reading next.  Perhaps this or this.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ten on Tuesday, Because You Need 10 More Things to Click


It’s Tuesday! That means today is the day that I help you fall down the internet rabbit hole! Procrastination awaits! Here’s what I’m linkin’ this week:

This fun little internet thing, How Old do I Look?   In this photo it proclaimed I was 58:


In this photo, taken hours later in the day, it determined I looked over 20 years younger, at 37:


I’ve scrutinized both photos, and I guess part of the algorythm attributes age to shadows, because much of my face is shaded in the first photo, and in the second photo, it appears I have a better light source.  My teeth look better too,  in the second photograph.   Who knows?  I was pleased with 37, not so much 58 – so take it with a grain of salt, it’s just an Internet game.

This free crochet pattern.  Not the momma, not the momma!  Everyone needs a baby dinasaur!

And a patchwork Death Star to go along with it.

Crazy Quilts and Journal Covers.  I’m thinking that maybe a crazy quilt journal cover would be the perfect marriage of all of the things I’m doing right now.  Stay tuned.

This Interview.  This is not the first interview I’ve heard with war photographer Lynsey Addario, and as always, I’m riveted by what she has to share.  In this interview, she discusses her experience photographing a dying soldier, and the process she went through with his family on her return from her assignment.

And while I’m on the Radiolab bandwagon, this podcast was fascinating.  Did you know that during World War II, the Japanese tried to bomb the US with balloons?  I didn’t.

This challenge.  I can handle one stitch a week, right?  Especially if I’m going crazy quilt it up!

This fab purchase Christina made at Sheep & Wool.  I want one!  who wouldn’t want something called a Swirlette?

This font bundle.  Why buy one font for $29 when you can buy 45?  I would totally buy this bundle if I hadn’t bought the last one.

That’s it!  Enjoy!

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Knitting on the Porch, Sheep and Wool!!


Maryland Sheep & Wool was fantastic as always!!! In the video, I chit chat about my purchases, the fair, and of course, sheep! There’s some talking, there’s some video, there are some photos – enjoy! I do have to say though, I’m getting old my crafty friends. I am so beat in the video. I wanted to just hold off and record it today, but Joe was like, no no, record while everything is fresh. I think it would have been equally as fresh today, and probably a bit more coherent. Oh well! But, I do think I’ve worked out the sound with my new lapel mic. Now, I just have to work on the camera angle. I’ve found that the best way to look into the camera of my ipad is to have it oriented vertically. Unforunately, when I import it in to iMovie, it imports horizontally, cutting off my head. I think I just have to move the camera back, and have more room above my head when I film, so that when it rotates, that head room is what will be cut off. The real solution, of course, is to put my camera or our video camera on a tripod, import the video onto my PC, and edit the movie with my Adobe Software. But, when I decided to do some video for the blog, I really wanted to keep it simple simple simple – and iMovie is just that. You just drop, plop and roll. So, we’ll see.

But, for now, enjoy my woolly journey!

Embroidery Sampler Check In

Progress!  Here’s my issue though – the stitches aren’t sticking.  And, what I mean by that is, they’re not sticking to my brain.  With knitting and crochet, I generally watch a tutorial once, and that’s it – it sticks, it imprints in my crafty memory, and I never have to watch it again (except for kitchener stitch, but that’s a topic for another day – I think my brain just rejects it).  I don’t mean for easy peasy things like back stitch and running stitch, but for the feather stitch, couching and even the buttonhole stitch.  A stitch I may have thought I mastered on Monday, on Wednesday, I find myself going back, watching the video again,  and relearning it.   While I find this disappointing, and of course diagnose myself with early onset Alzeheimers, I think I probably expect too much of myself.  In truth, the areas of the sampler that I complete, and then think, I’m an embroidery super star, really aren’t that big.  It’s not like I did rows and rows of feather stitch before I had to go back and rewatch the video.  I did a little zigzag of it.  Not enough to really etch it in my muscle memory, to the extent, like with knitting, my fingers have a mind of their own.

So here is the bit of buttonhole stitch I did with some variegated thread.  I put it down, and then when I came back to do some more buttonhole stitch, I forgot how to do it.  So, instead I worked on the flower – easy to remember backstitch and satin stitch.  And, I’m sure, once I do a refresh of buttonhole, I’ll get it – again.  And, maybe once I do all of those incomplete rows of buttonhole, it’ll stick and become like habit.

And, here is some elusive feather stitch. Part of the problem with the feather stitch, though, is that there are many variations of feather stitch, and the feather stitch in the Creativebug video isn’t this feather stitch.  So, I found this website, Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials, and she has a tutorial for every stitch imaginable, I think, so it’s all good.

And, hopefully, I won’t forget everything I learned last night, because I doubt I’ll be picking the sampler up at all this weekend, because this is  wool weekend – Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Tonight, I will pack my big tote bag, charge up my camera battery, figure out what I’m going to wear.  Tomorrow, I will shop, pet sheep, watch sheep dogs, and eat sheep product food at a sheep festival, which always seems wrong to me, but what do I know?  And, hopefully, Sunday I’ll post a video to show you all of my purchases, and maybe a baaaaahhhhhiiiing sheep or two!

Have a great weekend!
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