Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler is Pulling Out of the Station

It’s here!  My Penny Sampler fabric is here, and I went to bed last night anxious for it to be morning just so I could start my project!

And then, I got all nervous about cutting into the stack, so I decided to photograph it first.  If I screw it up, at least I’ll have the memories!

So, after playing around with the color palette generator, I decided to go vintage.  Certainly not an exact match to any of the color swatches I posted, but it’s the same feel, this is Art Gallery Fabrics, Reminisce:



The solids were a matching bundle that Stash Fabrics put together.

And this is what I had in my stash:


I think it’s just going to be beautiful!


I just hope I don’t f@#$ it up.