The “Baker” Strikes Again!

pouringcupcakes Wendy, baker extraordinaire strikes again! This time, with her intrepid sous chef, Mr. Tall.

Ignoring Lemon’s sage advice to stick to knitting, I ventured back into the kitchen to make this year’s easter Extravaganza, Spring Flower Cupcakes. After my creativity has taken hold, and I work my icing magic, I will put Williams Sonoma cupcake flowers to shame! My flowers will look so real, you will want to smell them rather than eat them.





cupcakes Fresh daisies, no problem! Pink roses, check! A veritable garden of cupcakes!







flowerpicture Hmmmm . . . . my garden could have used a little pruning . . .








Well, at least my Easter baskets were a success!


Hope everyone had lovely holidays!

Julia Eat Your Heart Out!

I am no longer just knitter extraordinaire.


I am now Baking Goddess.


Julia Child, step aside.



For Joe’s Grandpop’s birthday, we were assigned the task of recreating in sugary confection form, Dale Earnhart Jr’s car. 



No problem, I am Picasso with frosting.


First, we began with the pan – for $50, you too can create a perfect Dale car, complete with edible decals. Joe’s folks, however, go this pan at a garage sale, no decals. We were on our own.


cakepan The recipe on the side of the pan suggested that one box of cake mix (ssshhh!!! don’t tell Julia!) should suffice. One cake box later, we had one cake in the trash can. Here, is the result of two cake mixes, 6 eggs, and one entire cup of oil.


Next – the magic!!!

I set up my palette! Ah, the colors! I am Cezanne! I am Degas! I am an artiste!!




Yes, you do need to adjust your monitor – truly, that’s not pink, it’s really red (cough, cough).






greenblack Mint green? Nonsense! That’s forest green. Really, no Jedi mind tricks (psych!)









And, voila! A masterpiece worthy of Le Bec Fin!














Hmmmm, Lemon thinks I should stick to knitting. paperdolls


















And, I guess I’d have to agree.