We Are All Beautiful, Bloggers As Well

Thanks so much Louise for gifting me this award!

I hesitated before I accepted it though.  Getting this award is kind of like getting a chain letter – first you have to list 10 things about yourself, and then you have to pass it along.  I struggled with both conditions because a.  I’m not sure if I have 10 exciting things to say about myself, and b. I feel stupid passing the award on to blogs that are so much better than my own.  But, unlike a chain letter that you dread getting (you know, you get them, and you go to delete them because they’re bs, but then you starting thinking, gosh, if I don’t do it, will I really lose all of my money and my family will be struck down by leprosy? and then you sheepishly send it on to your friends with a “I’m so sorry!” note), this is one of those fun chains – like when you pass on a recipe, or a favorite book – so I’m just passing on a few of my favorite blogs.  Please go over and tell them that they are beautiful bloggers!



The Ravell’d Sleeve

Daily Window

Hazy Daisy Photography

Home on North Filmore Street

ElinnJane’s Weblog


And now for 10 things about me –

1.  I got married at 40 to the love of my life.  I am so grateful I never settled.

3.  Before I went to law school, I worked as an editorial assistant at a medical publishing company.  I worked for the veterinary medicine editor, and once found myself retyping a manuscript that was 20 pages long about elephant dung.  I believe it was that week that I decided to go to law school.

3.  I won Best Paper on my law school final for Tax Class.  I now have to pay an accountant to do my taxes.  So much for my learnin’

4.  My all time favorite book is Little Women.


This is my original copy.  I bought it for fifty cents at the Warminster Library’s Used Book Sale on what I remember to be snowy day.  Little Women, in my opinion, is the original primer for leading an authentic life (you can toss aside Eat Pray Love, just reread Little Women) and all life’s lessons can be found within its pages.  And nothing is more romantic than the end of the book –

“Ah! thou gifest me such hope and courage, and I haf nothing to gif back but a full heart and these empty hands,” cried the Professor, quite overcome.

Jo never, never would learn to be proper, for when he said that as they stood upon the steps, she just put both hands into his, whispering tenderly, “Not empty now,” and stooping down, kissed her Friedrich under the unbrella.”

Perhaps, if it weren’t for Jo, I may have settled.

5.  My best friend and I once wrote Gene Kelly a fan letter, begging him to bring back the big time movie musical.  She and I might very well be to blame for Xanadu.

6.  I am recovering from a serious World of Warcraft addiction.  I began playing in an effort to bond with my stepson.  We didn’t end up bonding, but I now have a dual spec’d level 80 druid equipped in Tier 9 gear on the Dawnbringer server.  Creativity Boot Camp served as a fantastic intervention, and I am happy to report that I have not visited Azeroth in a good three weeks.

7.  I went to Live Aid – the original Live Aid.  It was my 16th birthday.

8.  In high school, I wrote a 1000 page soap opera staring Duran Duran and my friends.  The manuscript is now missing.

9.  I’m actually not a big fan of Duran Duran.  I love Bruce Springsteen.  Born to Run was my first Bruce album that I bought on cassette tape – of course, I bought it because my name is in the song.  I saw Bruce live for the first time in 1988.  I was sitting in an English Lit class, the Modern Novel, discussing Humbert Humbert and Lolita, when this girl from my floor in the dorm passed me a note – “do you want to see Springsteen?”  I looked back at her and nodded.  She gathered her books, and walked out of class.  I followed her.  We drove down to the Amnesty concert in New York that day, and returned to Penn State sometime in the early morning.  Awesome.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen him since.

This is his butt from the last time we saw him.

10.  Summer is my favorite season.

Happy summer everyone!

Photoshopped Flowers



Pink Flower


Flower Baskets 

So as part of my spring sprucing, I’ve been playing around with a Flickr plugin – Flickr photoalbum.   Before, my Scrapbook page was generated by WPG2, a WordPress Gallery, and I never really got it to work right.  So, now, the page pulls everything directly from my Flickr albums – awesome!  I’m not in love with the template, but it’s ease makes the switch a done deal.  And, these flowers were also slurped up from my Flickr.  Neato!


More flowers to come – check in for Windowbox Wednesday, um . . . on Wednesday!

Lemontines Gets a Makeover!

Photoshop has submitted.  I have defeated the beast.  I am now Beast Master, Slayer of Photoshop.

Well, hardly, but after completing the assignment’s in Kim’s three “week” class, I definitely have a better grasp (although, sometimes, it still feels like that grasp is weak, slipping away – ah!) of what I’m doing, and I decided to give Lemontines a makeover.  

I switched from Blogger (Knit and the City) to my own url and WordPress because at the time, it was hard to find unique templates for Blogger, and every Blogger blog, aside from the header, pretty much looked the same.  I thought, with WordPress, I would have more customizable options – and I do, but to a certain extent it’s limited by code.  To some “code is poetry,” to me, its just code – and some of it is completely baffling and indecipherable.  I would really like to switch to this template, Thesis, which uses it’s own code, “hooks,” is more user friendly, and has a ton of product support, but I can’t bring myself to plunk down money when there are so many free themes out there, that with a little tweaking, could probably give me the look I want.  If this were a business, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second on spending the money, but since this is a tiny enterprise, with a small following, it seems a little over the top (although, you never know – I could have one of those what the heck moments, and hit that paypal button). 

So, what do I want?  Well, I want it to work.  And, while my last theme was for the most part functional, it was really really hard to get my Scrapbook page to work, there was no double spacing between paragraphs (which is an easy fixed – which I thought I had fixed, but then the fix somehow disappeared), there was a huge gap between any slideshow and text and the end of the posts, and the posts often ran together at the bottom.

So functionality is key, as is a customizable header.  You can throw your own header in just about any theme, but some are just easier than others.  And, I wanted a nice, roomie header – and header real estate in WordPress templates is surprisingly hard to find.  When I look at Blogger templates these days, I’m actually a little sorry I switched over – Blogger allows for just about any size header, and backgrounds are easily changed with a click of a button as well.  My old theme, Paalm, is by this guy Sadish; all of his themes have a healthy sized, customizable header that to change is simply a click of a button.  He has a few new themes that I hadn’t seen before I picked this one to play with – so you may see more changes in the coming weeks.  But, after looking at what felt like a gazillion free WordPress themes, this header seemed the biggest, and easiest to change. 

But, sigh, I’ve become picky – there are problems with this theme too – I don’t especially love the color scheme, I don’t like how there is no border space in the side bar boxes (that the text is scrunched up against the edge of the box), I don’t like how the footer doesn’t line up at the bottom, and I don’t like the text, lack of buttons, on the page navigation bar above.  There are also two search bars, and I’m not sure why.  Anyway, I will be working on fixing all of these things in the next couple of days, and if I don’t figure it out – I’ll probably be looking in themeland again, sigh.

So, the one thing I am really happy with about this makeover is my new header!  You can look at the header as basically my “final” from Kim’s class — it pretty much incorporates all of the things she covers in the clas.  It uses layers — there are textured layers, blending layers, color fill layers, and text layers.  The photo of Lemon is cropped from another photo, and I applied an artistic filter – paint dabs I think, and it has it’s own layers pf texture and color before I ever placed it in the banner.  And, once placed in the banner, there was only a little patch of grass, so I used some copying and pasting to have grass cover the entire banner.  Then I used a patch tool and a smudge brush to hide the splice marks.  It has special brushes (the butterfly stamps – free!) that I downloaded and installed, as well as a special font (also free!), that again, she teaches you how to install.   

If anyone is interested in Kim’s class – which obviously, I can’t recommend enough, you can still sign up for it, and she has a new class opening up, “The Art of Texture” which I’m sure will be an awesome follow up to the Skinny, the beginner’s need to know course.  As you may have noticed, I put “weeks” in quotes above, because you can do the class at your own pace.  For instance, week 1 has five lessons, and a couple of bonuses.  Working through those assignments took me most of the weekend (I did devote a lot of time to them – kind of obsessively), and then Week 2 and Week 3 went much faster because of the time spent practicing the skills from Week 1.  Anyway, I’m all set for the next class!

I love class – and I’m thinking of taking another online e-course.  This one, Bloom, a photo ecourse, is not photoshop, but actually photography.  Photoshop is magic, but what comes out of your camera is where it all starts. 

So, happy spring cleaning everyone – a makeover is always fun for everyone, even if it’s just a sweet lipstick!

Catching Up!


What can I say? Sigh – a picture IS worth a thousand words.  Isn’t my husband handsome!


As anyone who attempts to follow this blog knows, my posts may trickle off for no reason, or a good reason, or something in between.  This particular hole in in the blog was due solely to lack of time, and then technical difficulties.  The last three weeks have been crazy.  Not only did I manage to put a wedding together, I was on trial for 2 straight weeks, and without going into detail, it was a nightmare. 


In the midst of this perfect storm of obligations, I was writing blog posts in my head – but, unfortunately, what was in my head was never realized “on paper.”  When I finally did find time to write, it turned out that my website had been hacked, and Dreamhost had moved all of my files into a temporary, unpublished folder.  I got this long, involved email from Dreamhost about how to find the corrupted files, update software, etc., but really, in the middle of trying a shooting case that seemed to drag on into eternity, making ridiculous wedding favors, and counting the days that my wedding dress wasn’t in (it came in the week before the wedding – just when it was supposed to, but nervewracking nonetheless), I was flumoxed.  So, after the wedding, I wrote Dreamhost a rather pathetic email about how inept I am at anything other than one button installing, and they graciously fixed my problems.  Thank you Dreamhost!


Anyway, here are some of the blog posts I thought about writing, but never did –


1.  Cultural Graffiti – Joe and I saw The Informant when it came out (that will tell you how long ago I started writing in my head, and not regurgitating on the computer).  I had a total eggheady post planned about the new trend in art, literature, movies, whatever, to graffiti on top of original material.  In the Informant, there’s a rather dull, straightforward corporate espionage thriller that is falling flat on the bottom, and then, there’s a running internal monologue that Matt Damon’s character is having with himself superimposed on top in the form of a voice over.  Instead of being able to craft a tongue-in-cheek movie with just the primary script, the director failed so miserably that in order for people to get it, he had to carve open his main characters brain in order for us to get that the guy was really a bungling sociopath.  And then there’s the new fascination with Jane Austen and Vampires, and Jane Austen and Sea Monsters.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this desire to put crap on top of art (or in the case of  The Informant, crap on top of crap), and, since I never wrote the post, I’ll guess I’ll figure out my final thoughts on the subject some day.


2.  Dancing with the Stars – I can’t even begin to tell you how incensed I was about Tom DeLay buffooning around in our Stars and Stripes on national television.  I wanted to write to the show so they could change his introduction from “former congressman” to” disgraced former congressman.”  His prancing around in tights and liederhosen is just another sign of our nation’s call to tackiness.  It is no wonder that Serena Williams told a line judge that she was going to shove a ball down her f-ing throat, that our President was called a liar by a heckler in a joint session of Congress, that Kanye West crashed the stage at the Grammy’s.  If we can collectively support an indicted, but not yet tried, thief in a ridiculous ballroom dancing competition which gives Japanese game shows a run for their money, really . . . we have to start asking when we draw the line between entertainment and offense. 


3.  My wedding shawl.  So, um, yeah – Brad Lidge failed miserably in his one closing appearance at the World Series, and I failed to close the handknit accessory of my wedding ensemble.  Sort of.  I started out knitting Miralda’s Triangle, as you will recall, but my original idea had been to knit something worsted since the weddingcapewedding was November 1.  So, when Ysolda’s capelet, Emily, came out, I totally switched up, put aside the fingering weight shawl, bought some Manos silk blend, and knit this.


I was so excited – perfect, I thought.


And then I tried it on with the dress – P1100498

And, as you can see, I’m not wearing it.  It didn’t match – at all.  The color was completely wrong.  How could I go wrong with cream, I thought?  But, I did.  Sigh.  So, I thought about reknitting it, with a whiter yarn, I thought about the new Manos Rittenhouse blend, a yummy, smooth merino, but I only had a week until the wedding, I was still on trial, and I had another case to try in the middle of the one I was already trying – so I just gave up, gave in.  And, it was fine – it was  a warm day.


4.  And, to end the suspense for all – it being a warm day, no hose!  And no one said a word . . .wendyandjoe

And see, you can’t even tell!

March, The Groundhog

I really hate March.  That whole thing – “March comes in like a lion” – garbage.  If March were king of the forest, it would show its leadership and nobility by being consistent, trustworthy, and reliable, and the weather would reflect the lion.  To umbrella, or not to umbrella?  Rain today, sun yesterday, what tomorrow?  I’d be ok if it were just a precipitation issue, but it’s a temperature thing as well – up, down, up, down.  How is girl supposed to pick her clothes in the morning – I can’t even get the coat right.

March isn’t a lion — March is a ground hog.  It’s a schizophrenic month, constantly asking, “did I see my shadow?  I think I saw my shadow?  Do I want to see my shadow.”  March needs a therapist.

In the meantime, to deal with March, I tend to buy myself treats – but since March is a long month (and it seems longer every year), I generally didn’t splurge on large goodies.  In the past, a pretty lipstick would do.  But, it’s kind of like buying my father a present – I’m going to be forty – so I’ve bought him 2 presents a year for at least 30 years – that’s 60 presents – 60!  What else can I get him – another CD, another book? I’ve been buying myself lipstick in March for a good 20 years – 20 lipsticks – and that’s just the lipsticks I buy in March.  Not another lipstick!  The thrill is gone.   What’s a girl to do?

Buy a handbag!

And so I did – and to give you a little March thrill – I will share it with you!


I was walking to knitting circle last night, and passed one of my favorite stores, Hello World – a beacon of light in this world known as March.  Hello World is on 20th Street, just passed Spruce, and on Pine Street, 11th maybe?  The window is always enticing, the store is filled with hard to pass up items – fantastic handbags, jewelry by local artists, the cutest stationary ever.  Stuff, just fun, frivolous stuff.  And, I happened to have been walking around with a $25 gift certificate in my bag that I’ve been saving for two years for just the right occasion.

And, here it is – the right occasion – are you ready for the bag?


How fantastic is that?  I’m not really a yellow person (although you would never know from my recent fascination with all things Lemon), but this bag spoke to me – it says, “April” – it says, who is March, I am the true lion!

So, this bag now joins my tote bag that I got at the Gap last month, in preparation for the long haul through March – newbagand no, I don’t have any yellow walls in my house, I’ve been playing with Photoshop.

And, speaking of my efforts with Photoshop, I don’t know if you can tell or not (hopefully you can), but I’ve been making an effort to post better photos on this blog – I’m not saying the photos on Knit and the  City were all crap, but I’ve always admired blogs like Brooklyn Tweed, and Lolly Knitting Around for their fabu photography.  I took a 6 hour class recently, on the in’s and out’s of Photoshop, and while the first three hours were pretty good, the second night became a frenzy to show us skill per minute, and it’s just not that kind of program.

So, while my Photoshop skills are mediocre, but improving, my actual photography skills aren’t what they used to be.  I started taking pictures with a completely manual Ricoh when I was in high school.  Once I “got” it, I moved on to an SLR Canon, a Rebel.  I loved my Rebel, I loved my aperture priority, and frankly, I loved film.  After college, I took several semesters of a noncredit Temple photography class just to have unlimited access to the darkroom.  But, at some point, that SLR just wasn’t practical.  It didn’t fit in my handbag, it was cumbersome, and in the end, it was film, hardly the medium for my bloggedy world.  But, this digital stuff, I don’t know – I just don’t see things the same way – maybe it’s because I’m not looking through a lens, but at the back of my camera.  When I looked through my Rebel, I saw depth of field, I saw how I wanted the picture to look, and I knew what settings I needed to get the right exposure.  I thought this would all translate but for whatever reason, it hasn’t.  But, I’m working on it – because Photoshop can work a lot of miracles, but a crappy picture generally will always be a crappy picture.

And, Photoshop isn’t the only think I’ve been playing with – this blog is going places baby (well, at least around the virtual corner)!  I’ve become obsessed with tweaking the layout, thinking of new features (video knitting school anyone?) . . . but again, it’s like the photography – I don’t feel like I have the skills in my tool box anymore.  On Blogger, I had become pretty adept with HTML, but here – CSS?  PHP?  If you click on the Gallery tab up top (another work in progress), you can see, I can’t even figure out how to move the margin over.  So, like March – I’ve been a bit schizo – do I use WordPress as a CMS, and buy a completely customizable theme like Thesis, that is a bit of an investment, but will relieve me of my frustrations with newfangled code.  Or, do I struggle on, use WordPress as just my blogging platform, and create HTML static pages with Dreamweaver and the rest of the Adobe arsenal for the rest of my ideas.  And, if I’m going to move to a more dynamic theme, how much more work do I put into this one?

And then I think, stop thinking about what it looks like so much, just worry about the writing – but then I think, I worry about the writing a bit too much, and I’ve become a bit to stuffy.

Well, I’m working on it.  I’m still trying to find my voice here — strange that a new look, a new cover, a new concept would change my writing style so much – it’s still the same old me, right?

Or, maybe I’m not the same old me – I’m me in March.

Define It! My Big Word

For anyone who has read the “About” section of this site, you will know that AFTER I cleverly named the blog Lemontines, I googled “lemontine” for “shits” and giggles, and found a rather, nasty definition of “Lemontine” in the Urban Dictionary (Ok, I won’t make you click on the link – it means “crap stains in one’s pants.”)  Whatever, like many Urban-adages out there, I chose to ignore it.


But, I’m a woman of action – not an ignorer!   A changer!   A reformer! and I have now, courtesy of The Big Word Project, a viral marketing campaign to redefine the dictionary, redefined Lemontine, and restored it to its proper place in the modern lexicon.  For $1 per letter, you can purchase a word, and link it back to your blog, so that your blog now becomes the “definition” of the word.   A “lemontine” is once again a whimsical product of an overactive imagination (or an imagination with too much time on its hands), generally in the form of  a blog post. 


The Big Word Project is  the brainchild of  Paddy Donnelly and Lee Munroe,  “two Masters students from Northern Ireland, who are exploring what different words mean to different people.”  Big Word’s homepage is a cloud of words, and each word sends you off into a new worldwide web vocabulary.  So, I took “the dictionary” for a test drive.  Being the legal scholar that I am, I clicked on “Constitution.”  Does it send me to the official site of the United States Supreme Court?  Or perhaps the ACLU?  Or horrors, does it go to Ann Coulter’s personal blog?  Maybe – if it’s in Polish – or what I think is Polish – .   Quite right, don’t you think – why should the United States Constitution be the global definition of “constitution?”  Then, I tried “abba.”  Was this abba the “rock” band?  Abba, as in abba dabba do and Fred Flintstone.  No, it’s Abba as in The Springfield Reader, and “independent voice of Springfield, IL.”  Hmmmm  . . .


Ok, so maybe The Big Word Project is not so much a project at all, but a big springboard for advertising.  And maybe my $9  didn’t go to changing, reforming and fixing online misconceptions about the meaning of Lemontine, it probably funded Paddy and Lee’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  But, maybe that’s all that “defining” is – advertising.  I can advertise away the “skid marks,” “track stains,” and make it into something fresh and lovely – like my little puppy.


Perfect opportunity for a gratuitous puppy shot!




I’m sure that $9 is going to go a long way in preserving our puppy’s very ladylike reputation. No shit stains on her, no sir.

Hmmm, maybe I should redefine “crap stain” and direct it to the Urban Dictionary? That would be another well-spent $9.

To Snark or Not to Stark?

“And they don’t need me to tell them?”  What was I thinking when I wrote that yesterday? 


Of course, Angelina Jolie – you need my help!!


Actually, what I was thinking about was a review I read of David Denby’s new book, Snark: It’s Mean, It’s Personal, and It’s Ruining Our Conversation.  In the book, Denby, a film critic (hmmm, has he ever heard that thing about people in glass houses?) for the New Yorker, excoriates internet snarkers, who with their  “I’m in the know and you are loser” attitude are ruining our national conversation by spewing insults, invectives, and venonmous talk, without purpose, point or perspective.  And that a snarker  joke is just a smokescreen for anger and abuse, much like a schoolkid sticking his leg out from under his desk in order to trip the class nerd.  The book was not particularly well reviewed, but the review, still managed to shame me, concluding, “No, what we need is a revolution in sensibility, a return to civil discourse, a way of opening, rather than closing down, debate.

This, too, is what Denby means to argue, that we deserve better, not just from our media outlets, but also from ourselves.” 


A revolution in sensibility – exactly.  My favorite scene in the movie Sense and Sensibility is when Marianne and Elinor revist the spot where Marianne fell, and there she met Willoughby.  Marianne is ashamed of her behavior (behavior much like that documented in the never-to-be a classic, He’s Just Not That Into You), and Elinor gasps, “Surely you do not compare your conduct to his?”  And Marianne responds, “No, I compare it to what it should have been, I compare it to yours.”   


And, therefore, yesterday, I resolved to behave like Elinor, to promote the revolution in Sensibility – and nod and pass on the Oscar fashion, because really, why should I just put forth my completely unconstructive criticism?  I will return to civil discourse, and only say nice things.  Isn’t that the Jane way, if you don’t have anything nice to say, speak about the weather?


Well, the weather is cold outside, and that’s about all there is to say about the weather.


Sensibility is boring. 


So, with that said – I’m certainly not trying to shut down civil discourse — always, please disagree with me – the more the merrier at Chez Lemontines. 


And, what I did get right in yesterday’s post is that, there’s not much to say about this year’s Oscar fashion-less.  Mostly playing in straight, safe, probably to avoid being snarked – but here are a few observations:


Note to Angie – Stay home!  If you’re going to come to a big party, where frankly you are a guest of honor, be gracious — there’s no need to snub Tim Gunn on the runaway.  The man is simply worshipping at your Diorred feet, and there’s no need to kick him in the teeth.  You have everything – a handsome (but oh so dim) partner, children the rest of us don’t want, but you obviously do, a fantastic career, and world adoration, and the rest of us, all we have to bask with pride in is the notion that we seem to be the only ones left in this country paying taxes  – smile dammit, and be happy – it won’t break your face (or maybe it will – I have no idea what work you’ve done to your face, and if it really will break your face, then by all means, go with the puss face you had on all night).  And black, again, really?   I would think that would be the most difficult color for you at this point – nothing shows baby spit more than black. 



Dear Viola, dear dear Viola – I wanted you to win the Oscar, not be the Oscar!


Oscars Arrivals


Memo:  To SJP

From:  Your Tailor

Re:  Your Oscar Dress

   We have been mulling over your latest fitting, and because our suggestions fell on completely deaf ears (ears that apparently believe they are 25 years old as opposed to 45 years old), we feel compelled, in order to avoid any future liability, to reduce our thoughts to writing – simply put, this dress does not fit you, and you should not attempt to wear it on the red carpet.  If you do so, you and your breasts will look foolish. 

   Best regards.


Dear Miley – Get yourself a copy of Sense and Sensibility immediately! 

Oscars Arrivals

Plea to Natalie – please help Miley dress for the next award ceremony!  It’s only fitting that the best dressed should reach down and help the worst dressed.


Mickey Rourke was not the only comeback story on the red carpet – Robert Downey Jr. look at you!  You got it right!!!!  You cut your hair, you shaved your face, you put on a tux – doesn’t it feel good!  And, you did it all knowing that you weren’t going to win.  Next year, Robert, next year!


I could go on, but those are my highlights – or low lights.  Oh, there is one left:



Lemon would be sad if I left out her namesake.  Good job Tina!  And, go ahead, fall in love with Steve Martin any day!

There’s still knitting going on in the city, but . . .

Welcome to my new blog, Lemontines – like a Hallmark Valentine, when I care enough to write the very best . . . or when I care enough to write something good . . . or when I just feel like writing anything.  For a long winded explanation of the name, you can read about it here.

At Penn State, my short story professor spent a lot of time ruminating on the concept of naming – if we name it, does it become?  Is it in the act of naming, that a thing takes root, grows, becomes?  Is a tree truly a tree until we actually name it?  At 9:00 a.m. when I had the class, all I wanted to do was name the exit — it was all a lot of existential hoo ha to me, but for whatever reason, it’s something that stuck with me. 

When I named my last blog, Knit and the City, in the naming, it “became” – it became a blog about knitting, and only, aside from the knitting metaphor that really was about something else entirely, about knitting.  I stopped blogging at Knit and the City sometime last September, mostly because I was bored.  With Ravelry, the ultimate myspace for knitters, I had an outlet to write about knitting, post pictures of knitting, make comments about other people’s knitting, and get comments about my own knitting.  What was the point of blogging about knitting?  So, here I am, at my new doman, with a name that, when I say it to myself or think about it – Lemontines – makes me happy.  And the risk?  I’m here . . . all by myself.

There was an article in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer about Facebook, and the current “chain letter” that’s been going around – the 25 things about you note, where the recipient of the chain note posts 25 random things about themselves, with the given being that they most certainly have an audience.  The author of the article suggested that this online  attitude of  “of course I have an audience,” smacks of narcissism.  But aren’t blogs the ultimately 25 random things about oneself? Is an audience assumed if you have a blog?

I assume no such thing – I’m happy when someone reads my blog, but I don’t assume it, and leaving Knit and the City, which because of the podcast and the fantastic knitting community, had a small following, really might be a big mistake. 

So, if you’ve found me – welcome!  I intend to blog about anything and everything – movies, books, little things here and there I find interesting, random thoughts that pop into my head, and of course, I’ll still write about my knitting.  Maintaining my own domain, as opposed to being hosted by Blogger, is a challenge, and I’m enjoying figuring out the code.  Hopefully, I’ll be a more regular writer, because it is the act of writing that I missed from Knit and the City.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost words – so much of my communication is face to face, where an expression can substitute for the proper adjective, or through texting and email – where everything is shorthand. 

I’m looking forward to finding this lost vocabulary,  and hopefully, putting it to good use.  And, if not, maybe I’ll at least become better at the Times Crossword puzzle.