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Right Now

20140125-114532.jpgRight now, it’s really cold.  Like -5 cold.  Like it’s snowing again, on top of the 12 inches we already got, and it’s worthless because it’s not going to lead to a snow day, cold.

It’s only leading to more cold.

Ok, you get it, it’s cold.

So, of course, cold=wool=knitting, and my Follow Your Arrow KAL has lead to another shawl – 3 out of 32.  I don’t know why, I just thought it would be fun.


So, here’s an update on the first one I cast on – the Madeleinetosh Pashmina – this is Clue 1b and Clue 2a:



I love this one.  Of the three, it’s the most traditional, and that’s ok – who knows where it’s going to go.  But, what I love is the yarn – its so squishy and soft.  Just what I wanted!

And, now for the rejects – the stepsisters to the Pashmina.

First, the Zauberball.  This is Clue 1a, 2b –



I have it on a 24 length needle, so this is the best I can do photowise without my stitches falling off the end.  It’s a little crazy, but I think once it’s thrown around my neck, it will look pretty cool.

And then, after I finished the Pashmina and the Zauberball in plenty of time for Monday’s clue, I became intrigued with the idea of the short row wedges on the traditional pi shawl shaped lace.  So, I cast on – what the heck, right?  I had already knit more than half of the first clue when I took it off the needles, and I hadn’t ripped it out, so it was all ready to go –


clue1b2b2Again, the needles are too short to get a really good shot of where this one is going – but, actually, I don’t know where it’s going – the short row wedges kind of spout off the circular beginning like a wing. But, that’s why I cast on – because it’s all so intriguing.  And, if it ends up fugly, I can always gift it.  My mom always loves my cast offs.

And what’s up with the quilting?  I’m still chugging along on my Penny Sampler – a little slower, because the precise piecing, for me at least, takes a lot of time.  I spend a lot of time lining up the seam with my piss poor bifocal, and then I spend a little bit of time – not as much as I used to certainly – ripping seams and trying to get all of the points to match.  I got a notice from The Intrepid Thread that my Gypsy Wife BOM shipped, which made me happy, since I didn’t expect it until sometime in February, but it also made me a little anxious – I thought I’d be further along in my Penny Sampler.  Have to pick up the pace!

ribbonblockHere’s one of two half square triangle heavy blocks – the ribbon block.  It’s almost done – I just have to finish sewing the four patches together, and I’ll get that done today.  The other, the snowflake block, I finished a few weeks ago, and I think I already posted a photo.  And, I finished up the spruce tree block – I need a little work with my flying geese blocks – they’re a bit wonky, but oh well.


My goal is to finish the precise piecing section this weekend, and it’s a doable goal.  I don’t have any large blocks left – on 6 inch blocks, so if I would stop blogging and messing around on the internet, and get going, they would get done.

What isn’t getting done is my daily challenge pages over at the Lilypad.  I just don’t feel like sitting in front of the computer when I just feel like making stuff.  So, here are the pages I made on the snow day –

This is the watercolor photo technique –


The Pimp my Quickpage –

qpchallengeScrap a Recent Photo –


Combine Two Templates –

LaundryManAnd there you have it – I’ve only done 12 of 25.  I think tonight, after Joe goes to work I’m going to try to crank out a few pages.  I mean, what happens if I don’t get them done? Nothing.  I just don’t get my $20 coupon, and a chance at a Polly spot, the creative team for the store.  But, ssssh, I’ll tell you a secret – I don’t want to be a Polly.  I just don’t have the time to make that kind of commitment to such a busy store.  If I were a Polly, there wouldn’t be any knitting, quilting or art making.  And, that’s just not what I want.  I’m leaning farther and farther away from sitting in front of a computer.  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any Project Life spreads in awhile, and that’s because I haven’t made any.  The last PL spread I made got a GSO – and why?  Because it was really intricate, complicated, and detailed – it looked great, but it took so much time.  So, now I’m thinking I might go back to the Becky Higgins PL philosophy – keep it simple.  Put the photos in the pockets, throw in some journal cards, call it done.  And, I’m thinking the easiest way to do that may be to go paper.  I don’t know.  HSN ran a PL show this week, and I was hoping they would have a good deal – which they did, but I think the kit is ugly.  I wish I had gotten my bright idea to go paper when they were featuring the Just Add Color bundle, but I didn’t and it’s gone.  Although I did enter a giveaway on someone’s blog to win one, so if I win, that will seal the deal.

So, I don’t want to sit in front of the computer – I just want to make stuff.  Tactile, touchable stuff.  So, I’m making mail art –

Photo Jan 09, 9 47 36 PM (1)

Photo Jan 09, 9 47 36 PM

Mindy finally received my first mail art project, after we had the scare that it had gotten lost in the post.  It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it was pretty big – I had painted the girl on brown craft paper, and then I cut her out to put on the paper bag, and she turned out bigger than I had intended.  I’ve sent off two more creations – just a cardboard postcard painted on one of my curtain inserts, and a crazy gift bag with gelli printed deli paper.  Drat, I just realized I didn’t photograph the bag – oh well, hope it doesn’t get lost!

And Misty Mawn’s class, Full Circle started.  I started our first assignment, the mandala, but this is only the first layer – I’m still going to add paint –


So many projects!

Too bad this snow we’re getting today isn’t going to lead to a snow day.

But on the other hand, it’s not going to lead to a fourth shawl either.

Have a great weekend!

Falling Behind

Now, before you think that I’ve abandoned my word, let me just say that I have been endeavoring – at work, at home, in the craftroom, etc. – just not on the internet.  And, I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing – although, I do want to try harder in this space.  It just didn’t work out this week.

Work was crazy this week.  It’s a long story, but lots of hearings, trips to the prison, stress, family meetings, etc.  But it’s done.  And, in the midst of it, I had some sad news – you may remember this story – and unfortunately, Jhontue ran out of lives, and passed away early this week.  At the time of her sentencing, we only thought she had a few weeks to live, and as always, she amazed everyone, hanging on for four more years.  Rest in peace Jhontue.

While I endeavored at work, I fell behind with the Lilypad Month of Challenges – but I did a few pages today, and now I’m only 3 pages behind instead of seven –

Day 5 – Book Cover Inspiration –



Day 6 – Freestyle Clustering –

Day 6 - Free Style ClusterDay 7  – Word Art

PuppyLoveDay 10 – Word of the Year

MOC One Little Word


Day 11 – Simple Template

MOC Simple Template


Now, if the Chargers (Joe is a fan, why I don’t know) weren’t the 4:40 game, and I hadn’t promised my husband to make Oatmeal Raisin cookies, I’d probably catch up.  And, if tonight weren’t the Golden Globe Awards, I might catch up, but they are, I did, and they are, so I’m going to fall even farther behind.  I’ll catch up.

As far as quilting goes, I just didn’t have a lot of time this week – I did make one more block for the Penny Sampler – stacked flying geese blocks that shape up like a  tree.  My big adventure this week, though, was I started watching the videos for Roben-Marie’s You’ve Got Mail Art class – and I actually made art, and I have it in my bag, ready to take to the post office tomorrow.  I did take a photo, but I can’t show it to you until Mindy gets it, so that’ll have to wait.

And, as part of that big adventure, I bought a new art supply – a gelli plate. More on that later . . . I have cookies to make!


Fleeting Mojo

Ok, here’s the poop – I have zero scrapping mojo.  Right now, my Project Life is a month and a week behind, I do my bare minimum for my teams, and I haven’t done a Lilypad challenge in two months.  I think it’s the holidays, and the accompanying holiday products.  November was really really December Daily heavy, along with Christmas bling, neither of which are big scrapfests for me.  So, my plan is to just keep plugging away at the Friday releases, try and produce quality if not quanity, and hope that the mojo returns.  January is a month of challenges at the Lilypad, and that’s what got me obsessed in the first place, so hopefully that will be the magic elixir again.

So, this week, One Story Down had some nice artsy, scrappy stuff – so nice that I (yep, I’m patting myself on the back) got another GSO – woot!


The crinkly paper is from Designs de Wild, the awesome word art is from Designs by Tina, and the template with the perfect paper shadows is from She Creates.

And, over at the Lilypad, Lynne-Marie released her Digi Files creation, Tinsel.  As can see, Christmas is really the last thing I want to scrap about –


Amy Wolff also has a fantastic kit, Think Happy, Be Happy, that has nothing to do with Christmas at all, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.  Too much sewing going on.

So, that’s my meager scrapping offerings for this week’s releases.

Oh scrapping mojo where have you gone?

Get Ready to BYOC – December!

Ah the December BYOC at the Lilypad – my one year anniversary of digiscrapping.  The first digiscrap products I bought from the Lilypad were December BYOC.  Of course, back then, I didn’t know that BYOC meant Build Your Own Collab, or that I woud not only still be doing this, but that I’d be on a few creative teams, and have a few GSO’s under my belt.

Anyway, this December’s BYOC still has plenty of holiday paraphernalia, but I was so happy that Laurie Ann created a nonholiday specific kit.  Holidays are a tough thing this year – Hanukkah is already over, and Christmas is going to be a big bummer around our house since Joey still isn’t speaking to us.  But, I know that other people have it much worse than we do – I’d much rather be faced with a wayward teenager than some of the horrible things that others have to contend with over the holidays.  But, with that said, I was happy to do a totally non holiday related layout.  This is one of Laurie Ann’s BYOC products

– there are also matching papers and journal cards:


Nice right?  It has some sparkly things that fit in well with the holiday, but its not holiday specific.

Here’s my layout –


Yes, we hade more than one chorus of Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel this weekend.  But, its good that she found an instrument that she likes – for awhile there she was playing the cello through school.  Nice idea, but she hated it.  Maybe it’s just me – but piano seems more pratical (if you have a piano that is).

Next, Amy Wolff’s BYOC – another one of her Messes.  Love the Messy Marvin line!  Makes the fact that its’s a holiday kit much more tenable –


And my messy page –


Had to go back in the archives for this one!  Our first Christmas together, Joe was living in this tiny apartment in Frankford.  The walls were bare, the furniture was black and beige, but he did have curtains!  Anyway, it wasn’t a very merry place.  So, I borrowed my unit’s table top tree, lugged it on the El to his house, and we put together our first little tree so that Joey would have a tree to open his presents under.  I’m such an evil stopmother right?  Anyway, Amy also has cool frames and those wood plank papers in the BYOC as well.

And last, but not lastly or in anyway least, Lynne-Marie’s Blitzen – more mess!  Love it!


And from Xmas last year –




Gosh he looks like one unhappy kid huh, spending time with such horrible people like us, right?  Ah well.  I should get over my bah humbug about the situation, but it’s hard.

Anyway, lots of BYOC products, lots of new challenges – my Amy page is also for this months Template challenge.

And, in other news – my Penny Sampler fabric is here – yeah!  More on that later.

Friday Releases, on Saturday

This week begins the start of the scrapbooking frenzy known as DYD – Document Your December.  I’m not sure where this comes from – probably another brainchild of Ali Edwards, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I really don’t have any interest in documenting my December any differently than I’ve documented the rest of the year, but I guess that’s just an effect of being Jewish.  Of course, since Joe and I have been together, we’ve put up the tree, put the dogs in silly elf hats, and participated in Ramos Christmas.  And, I’m happy to do all of this, but since it’s not part of my background, it’s just not that meaningful to me.  Hanukkah is really a minor holiday, and this year, at least, it’s over by the end of the first week of December, and I start a battered women’s syndrome trial on 12/2 – so that’s my December.  And, with Joey still not speaking to us, I’m not sure what kind of holiday season we’re going to have around here anyway.

But, the scrapping must go on!  These photos are from last year –

First up is Laurie Ann’s DYD contribution, December Basics:



How sweet are Lemon and Olive in their little hats.  Awwwww . . .

And next, Amy Wolff’s DYD A Very Merry Month Misc.



I love Amy’s stamps, her borders, her paints.

And Lynne-Marie has a kit in this month’s Digi Files – but I haven’t scrapped with it yet, and I don’t think it’s been “revealed” yet – but, the colors are so vintagey and sweet – definitely worth it.

And, last up for this week, a non DYD – at One Story Down.  One Story Down recently added some new, fab designers.  And, since I’m mostly a template scrapper (the Laurie Ann layout is not a template, the Amy Wolff one is), I am so happy She Creates has joined the One Story Down Team. This is one of her templates, and a kit from Something Vanilla, This Moment



And that’s it for this week.  My Project Life is – gasp! – three weeks behind.  There are so many hours in the day – and between the iHanna postcards, Danielle’s quilt, and the City Sampler, I just haven’t had time.  But, tomorrow during the Eagles game, I’m going to try and catch up – at least two weeks.

Time to Celebrate!

Four years ago today, Joe and I got married.


Yeah! I’m one lucky girl!

Luckily, we had better weather than today, which is meh – but who cares about the weather when there’s fun to be had! I’m getting my hair done today, and we’re having dinner at our favorite restaurant, so all is good. Very good.

And, today begins the fest known as DSD, Digital Scrapbook Day. There’s fun to be had at both The Lilypad and One Story Down. And, all of my teams had awesome new products for The Lilypad’s monthly, BYOC – Build Your Own Collab –

First, one from Laurie Ann:


Last weekend, I took my brother’s family’s holiday cards. Jake is autistic, so this is quite the challenge. The only suggestion that I have for you if you’re doing a photo shoot with a special needs child is work fast. I took our foyer bench into the yard, quickly scoped out three shady places, ran the bench from area to area, and we were done in less than 15 minutes. I was thinking of doing a whole post about it – but the truth is, it’s all luck. Just do the best you can.

Next, here’s one from Amy Wolff’s BYOC release –


Mulled wine at RenFaire – yum! Yep, I’m a nerd – but so what? That’s my new coffee mug.

And to wrap up this post, a new owly creation from Lynne-Marie –


I couldn’t end the post a truer way! He is definitely all I need – again, I’m a lucky girl.

Busy Busy!

Well, it’s the holiday season (and the fact that we watched the entire first season of Homeland in 2 days!!), and I’ve just been too busy to blog.  My reflective reverby-ness has slipped away, sigh.  I do intend to do a big post, though – because I do like to reflect at the end of the year.

In the meantime, here’s another pretty nothing post.

I’m caught up in Project Life –


Credits – Katie Pertiet, Layered Pocket Template No. 4; Hipster Holiday, Mommyish, December DigiFiles; WinterHoopla Kit, My Scrapbook Art; Cathy Zielske, Tiny Templates; Three Paper Peonies, My Life in Photos Templates; Sweet Shoppe Designs, This Moment is Your Life; Lynn G, Button Cards; Sara Schmutz, Birthday Bash, Part 2

and Page 2

Credits – Katie Pertiet, Layered Pocket Template No. 4; Hipster Holiday, Mommyish, December DigiFiles; WinterHoopla Kit, My Scrapbook Art; Cathy Zielske, Tiny Templates; Three Paper Peonies, My Life in Photos Templates; Sweet Shoppe Designs, This Moment is Your Life

As you can see, we hosted another Ramos lunch at our house.  If you can’t read the journaling, what it says is I totally botched my meatballs – they disintegrated in the sauce.  Oh well.  And, my mom had her annual Hanukkah party.  Unfortunately, my niece had that dreaded stomach virus that’s going around, so she wasn’t able to come, and we did miss her.  Somehow, Jake managed to slip in and out without getting his photo taken, bummer.  But, the dogs were pretty cooperative – yeah, they’re finally becoming friends!! Sort of.

And, remember I said I was lurking around a few digi scrap galleries, but I wasn’t ready for posting any challenges?  Eh – I decided to post them anyway – these are layouts based on a challenges at The Lily Pad.

This one was to use a ribbon –

Credits – Embrace, Paislee Press; Photo Pockets No. 1, One LIttle Bird

And this one was to journal about a tradition –

Credits – Here and Now, Paislee Press; Worn Clusters, One Little Bird and Sahlin Studios; and Winter Wishes, LIlypad Collab.

And this one was to use three different designers from their monthly collection –

One Little Bird, Happygram Elements & Papers; Amy Wolff, Messy Edges; Amy Martin, Templates Telling it Vol 2; Sahlin Studios, Storyteller; Paisley Press, Embrace; Sahlin Studios, Glitter Styles

And this one was to use the word “Holiday” – how fab were our holiday cards this year!

Credits – One Little Bird, Happygram Elements & Papers; Sahlin Studio, Stitches No. 1, and Amy Martin, Telling It vol. 2

And, don’t think I’ve totally abandoned paper!!  I’ve finished watching Maryann Moss’s latest journal construction videos for Ticket to Venice – and I’m totally pysched to get started this weekend.  Can’t wait to get my hands in that paper stash!



Keeping Up With Project Life

Amazing how on top of this project I am!  30 days of this – fail! 30 days of that – fail!  365 – well, we all know about that one.  Of course, this is only the fifth week, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.  And this week is half done as well.  Toot toot – that was my horn!  


Nothing too interesting to note, other than the two journaling cards – well, at least I think it’s interesting.  The paper is from my Tim Holtz paper pack from my failed mini-book.  I loved the paper so much, that I scanned a lot of it into my computer, and now – voila!  Another digi supply.  The more I look at digi supplies – particularly art journaling supplies – I just think – eh, I can make that myself, and I tend not to buy something I think I can make.  The only problem with that is – I’m all about instant gratification – if I want a gesso splatter, I’d rather have one in a nice little file on my computer rather than running up to the craft room, making a few splatters, waiting a few hours for it to dry enough to feel safe to put it on the scanner – too long!  So, I think this is probably pretty common – we can all make stuff – but its so easy to go to an online store, that’s open 24-7, and hit that buy button – unless it’s a gigantic full kit, it’ll probably be well under $5.00.  But, I’m thinking tomorrow maybe I’ll get my for real for real craft on and make some painted papers and splatters, and whatever.  I feel a new grunge brush set coming on!  Who knows – maybe there’ll be a whole Tea with Lemon freebie kit – but that’s going a bit crazy.

I was listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast the other day, and no, I’m not going to do any more paper scrapping ever, but I do enjoy when they talk about photography, and different methods of memory keeping.  Anyway, they read a reader email about Project Life – basically, the question was “Hi, my husband and I are childless, and I was wondering if Project Life is for me.  Our life seems so repetitive – we do the same thing every week, just wearing different clothes.  Do people without families do Project Life?”  You may remember, when I started this project, I was concerned about doing a scrapbook project with just the two of us (and Joey, but he’s only here 2 days a week), but I wasn’t concerned about the content – a family is however you define it, and just because we don’t have little kids running around, we aren’t any less of a family.  I was more concerned about who I was doing the memory keeping for.  I feel like people with kids scrap for their kids – so their kids will have a preserved set of memories, and to a smaller extent, for themselves.  So the question wasn’t whether our lives were scrap worthy – but why would I be doing it?  Once I decided that yeah, when I’m 64, or 74 or whatever, I want to sit with a scrapbook in my lap and get nostalgic and misty eyed about our younger years, it was full steam ahead.  So what if our lives are repetitive – that’s life.   And that’s kids too – Project Life albums with kids are no less repetitive than single folk or married couples – what could be more repetitive than a picture of a kid reading a book every week, doing homework every week, the weekly soccer game, dance recital, whatever. And it’s all ok – in fact, it’s more than ok – that’s the point.  Documenting your daily life – because its yours.

So, no matter what you’re family make-up – go for it.  It’s easy peasy.


So, what else did I use besides my Tim Holtz paper?  Again, the Katie Pertiet, Layered Pocket Pages No. 4, Paper, a free election day kit, Chelle’s Creations Rock the Vote, Labels, flower, and buttons, Studio Blagovesta Coffee With a Friend, Shadowhouse Creations Postcards, doodles from  Tangie Baxter and Tumblefish studios, and the fun party hats from Tumble Fish Studios.   The No. 26 is from a Michelle Godin alphabet that I got in my November Daily Digi pack.  I also finally used a Becky Higgins product (I do have the Becky Higgins binder and pocket pages) – the Hello Everyday Life card.  

Huh, look who just came to visit – flew right up to our second floor window – nice to have the camera sitting on the desk!  Too bad about the window though.

Have a great weekend!



A Digi Something

So, as you know, I’ve been doing my Project Life digitally.  I decided to go this way after attempting to make a mini-scrapbook of our trip to NYC.  While I liked the actual process of constructing the mini-book, I hated hated hated with a passion gluing the photos in, and embelishing the pages.  The stack of paper, stickers, ribbons, ephemera, stuff was just completely overwhelming.  And, I’m a messy person – so for me to say a mess was overwhelming, trust me – it was just untenable.  So much so that I haven’t even been able to bring myself to finish it, or even touch an art supply since I started playing with Photoshop, and my very simple grid layouts.  That’s not to say I never will – of course I will!  But, I needed to step away from the craft table before it swallowed me up, and barfed me up in the form of gesso and glue.  

For Digital Project Life, you really don’t NEED too many digital supplies.  Some grid templates, and digital “paper,” and some Photoshop skills you’re good to go.  But, of course I’m not going to do anything with the bare minimum – I’m going to research, stare endlessly at Pinterest and other Digital Project Life projects, analyze what products they’re using, go to those digital stores, marvel at all of the digital supplies that are out there, and rethink my pronouncement that Digital Project Life would be cheaper than paper Project Life.  Last weekend was Digital Scrapbook Day, and every online scrap store had something going on – sales, freebies, contests, forum chatter.  The only thing I actually bought was a new set of grids, but I did collect alot of freebies, and I spent a lot of time in the galleries looking how people used these fabulously enticing digital supplies.  So, I have these full freebie kits, along with the seven kits a month I get with my Daily Digi subscription, and I really have very little use for most of the stuff in them.  I use the paper, the word art, the frames, and a random embelishment here and there.  And that was making me kind of sad – because the kits are really cool.  But, I was back to my starting conundrum – I just don’t get traditional scrapbooking, and traditional scrapbook layouts.  I don’t understand embelishing my photos – digital or paperwise.  I do understand storytelling – but that’s why I like Project Life – it’s more of an annotated journal.  So, what’s a girl to do – I love playing with Photoshop – all of it – creating layers, blending layers, learning new tricks – but I have no desire to have albums of digital scrapbook pages beyond Project Life, or whatever grid system it evolves into.  

So, this is my solution – I’m just going to play.  Play with the things I have – maybe it’s something like scrapbooking, maybe its more like digital art journaling, maybe it’s a combination.  And this is what I made tonight –


I decided to start with my vintage suitcase series photos.  Why?  Because when I photographed this little series of still lifes, I had a story in mind – of packing for a trip, of excitment – I saw maybe a train, or perhaps a luxury liner.  Words like “embarking,” and “adventure” came to mind when I carefully set the shoes in the bag, and then when I took the last shot – standing by the bag, perhaps waiting to get on that train.  So, since the series was supposed to be a story, I thought of this is a safe place to start – safe meaning in my comfort zone to a certain extent.  I then picked one of the five non-grid templates I have – 

As you can see, this is from Simply Tiffany Studios at Design House Digital.  For Digital Scrapbook Day, Design House Digital had a blog hop.  On each blog, you collected a letter to spell out a coupon code, and on some blogs, there were additional free downloads.  I don’t remember if template was in the actual kit that you got for free at the end of the hop, or something that was on Simply Tiffany’s blog – but in any event, it was a freebie on DSD.  As you can see, the template was just a starting point.  Along with my photos, I used papers from Jodie Lee’s Home Sewn Paper Set, which was a $1 Wednesday special at Jessica Sprague, along with the emblishments that go with it, some crochet and button elements from Studio Blagovesta’s Coffee with a Friend kit, which was free when she opened her shop at Scrapbookgraphics, some taped frames from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals, that came in a kit I got from a $10 class at Big Picture classes, a blue frame from Mye de Leon’s La Boehme, which was part of the Digi Files this month, a Carina Gardner Photocut frame, also a $1 Wednesday deal on Jessica Sprague, Tangie Baxter gesso splatters and a word brush, a doily and a mist doily from Design House Digital’s DSD kit, This is Why, an alphabet from mommyish, at Oscraps DSD kit, Comfort (this kit, by the way, was the biggest pain in the butt to get – Oscraps had a scavenger hunt through it’s store, and when you found a clue, you were able to download a piece of the kit.  On one hand, this was good, because I never would have gone page by page through every designer’s store, on the other hand, it was bad – because I had to go page by page through the designer’s store – oh, look at that – I want that – that would be cool – but I restrained myself),  and some scribbles from Dawn By Designs Digi File kit this month.  And, I think that’s it – all 43 layers of it.

And what am I going to do with it?  Nothing.  It’s done.  In a digital folder it goes.  Maybe if I end up with a large collection of random pages, I’ll consolidate them into an ebook, something I can look at on the ipad, but I can never image printing it.  What for?  Maybe if i had written an entire little short story for the journaling, but I didn’t.  But, I did enjoy playing with Photoshop, putting the pieces together like it was a puzzle.  It’s like why I like to draw/paint faces – it’s all a big puzzle.  I think my desire to create digital stuff is somewhere between scrapbooking and digital art journaling.  On one hand, I really like using my own photographs, which really isn’t a part of art journaling exactly.  On the other hand, again – I just don’t get slapping down a photo of my puppy, and embelishing it with ribbons and doilies, and journaling cards with stories about her first steps down the staircase.  That’s one little entry in Project Life – not a whole crazy 12 x 12 page.   And with straight up art journaling – well, what do you do with the pages when they’re done?  Is it about process or product?  

I don’t know – I’m going to keep playing, and see what comes of it.  Maybe it’ll become something like a digital illustrated journal.  I don’t know.

And, as you know, I’m a online class junkie – but I’m also confused about where I should go with this.  There are a lot of digital scrapbooking classes out there – but is that what I really want to do?  I want to learn Photoshop tips and tricks, but do I want to learn the principles of scrapbook layout and design?  Tangie Baxter has some mixed medial Photoshop classes she just put in her store – maybe that’s the way I want to go.  And, I really need to learn how to organize my supplies better – but do I really want to take a class in that – because of course there are organizing digital supply classes.  When I was just going to do Digital Project Life it made sense to break the kits up, and put them in folders – Embelishment, Papers, Word Art, etc., but now that I’m accumulating tons of stuff, it’s hard to remember what was in what kit, and who to give credit to, because if I’m going to post my stuff on the blog, I’m going to at least try to credit the right people.  And my folders are getting larger and larger to scroll through – I can’t imagine what will happen if I actually start buying kits as well.  It will be chaos.

So, that’s my blah blah blah tonight.

Who knows what path I’ll be on tomorrow.