Considered Thoughts

There’s still knitting going on in the city, but . . .

Welcome to my new blog, Lemontines – like a Hallmark Valentine, when I care enough to write the very best . . . or when I care enough to write something good . . . or when I just feel like writing anything.  For a long winded explanation of the name, you can read about it here.

At Penn State, my short story professor spent a lot of time ruminating on the concept of naming – if we name it, does it become?  Is it in the act of naming, that a thing takes root, grows, becomes?  Is a tree truly a tree until we actually name it?  At 9:00 a.m. when I had the class, all I wanted to do was name the exit — it was all a lot of existential hoo ha to me, but for whatever reason, it’s something that stuck with me. 

When I named my last blog, Knit and the City, in the naming, it “became” – it became a blog about knitting, and only, aside from the knitting metaphor that really was about something else entirely, about knitting.  I stopped blogging at Knit and the City sometime last September, mostly because I was bored.  With Ravelry, the ultimate myspace for knitters, I had an outlet to write about knitting, post pictures of knitting, make comments about other people’s knitting, and get comments about my own knitting.  What was the point of blogging about knitting?  So, here I am, at my new doman, with a name that, when I say it to myself or think about it – Lemontines – makes me happy.  And the risk?  I’m here . . . all by myself.

There was an article in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer about Facebook, and the current “chain letter” that’s been going around – the 25 things about you note, where the recipient of the chain note posts 25 random things about themselves, with the given being that they most certainly have an audience.  The author of the article suggested that this online  attitude of  “of course I have an audience,” smacks of narcissism.  But aren’t blogs the ultimately 25 random things about oneself? Is an audience assumed if you have a blog?

I assume no such thing – I’m happy when someone reads my blog, but I don’t assume it, and leaving Knit and the City, which because of the podcast and the fantastic knitting community, had a small following, really might be a big mistake. 

So, if you’ve found me – welcome!  I intend to blog about anything and everything – movies, books, little things here and there I find interesting, random thoughts that pop into my head, and of course, I’ll still write about my knitting.  Maintaining my own domain, as opposed to being hosted by Blogger, is a challenge, and I’m enjoying figuring out the code.  Hopefully, I’ll be a more regular writer, because it is the act of writing that I missed from Knit and the City.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost words – so much of my communication is face to face, where an expression can substitute for the proper adjective, or through texting and email – where everything is shorthand. 

I’m looking forward to finding this lost vocabulary,  and hopefully, putting it to good use.  And, if not, maybe I’ll at least become better at the Times Crossword puzzle.

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