Shame on You, Knitting

So, I haven’t done a video in three weeks, and I took a week off from blogging – because I am pissed off at my knitting.

Yeah, you knitting, I’m talking to you –

Things just aren’t working out with knitting and I these days. First, I decided to rip out Sesame barf. Totally the yarn’s fault. Not mine, not mine for picking the wrong project for it. Shame on you yarn. You are supposed to be sock, not a shawl. Be yourself dammit, don’t try to be something you’re not. Geez.

And above. Damn you stinkin sticky shetland laceweight. Who told you you would be good for a project with knit through the back loop? Do you know how hard you are to unknit once the stitch is twisted? Any mistake, and it’s a struggle – an unnecessary struggle I say, that is totally your fault!

And, I was so distracted by how unthoughtful and unforgiving you are when it comes to unknitting, I totally missed the fact that the super annoying knit through the back loop, twist it up stitch is actually purl through the back loop on the wrong side – and after hours of work – you are all garter instead of the triangle with radiating rows of stockinette. So, just look at what you made me do!

You have failed at this project, and will not be cast on, but cast out.  Be gone laceweight!  I will rise above you, and I will replace you with something that will get the job done.

So there.

That is all.

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Yarn Along – To Replace, or Let it Go?


So, remember I showed you this last week, and I gushed about how happy I was about all of the jeweltoned, bright colors?


I’ve come to my senses, and accepted the fact that it looks like Sesame Street just vomited up an avenue. So, it’s getting ripped, and I’ll probably make a pair of socks out of it, because I do still love the yarn, I just don’t want to wear it around my neck. So much for tricking my mother into swapping the Earth Shawl for this.

After all of that – because I did knit all the way to the stripe section before I decided that it looked like rainbow barf – I cast on a sure thing. Here is the beginning Wickerwork in this Summer’s issue of Twist Collective, by Gudrun Johnson,  in Miss Bab’s Yowza:


It’s starts off with a provisional cast on, which evolves into a hem. So much work, but I really like this finished edge:

And, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m going on another Gudron Johnson adventure, her first Mystery KAL:

Another mystery!!  After reading her forums, I decided to go with this laceweight I have in my stash.  Based on everyone’s questions, and her answers (she has been very active in the forums, commenting on people’s yarn choices, answering questions, etc. – I think it’s a really good sign for a good Mystery KAL!), I think it’ll work.  If not, I’ll just rip out the first clue and start again in my skein of Wollmeise, which I was going to use as the contrast color to my above failed Cameo, but I’ll be happy to use it alone in this project.

The shawl is knit in three parts, and she recommends either using one color or three colors.

So, as I’ve clearly let the Sesame Street regurg go, what is my title talking about?  Well, I need some advice.  Here is my dilmena.  I invested in a set of Knitter’s Pride interchangeable circular needles, sizes 4-11.  I knit a project with the fours and loved them.  Then, when I was twisting my needle off of the cable, my needle snapped.  Drat!  So, I ordered a replacement set from Webs.  I took the set out of the packaging, assumed they were fine, and put them in the case.  But, they were not fine – it turns out the screws inside the tip are stripped, and they won’t screw on the cable.  Fine, I’ll call Webs, they have great customer service, no problem.  In the meantime, I’ll cast on on a five.  So, I set up my five’s for Sesame barf, and wouldn’t you know it – I sat on the needles, and totally broke the tip.  So, now I have to get replacement tips for the 5.

Or do it?  Maybe these needles just aren’t worth all of the trouble.  While I love the join (where as I hate the join on the Hiya Hiya set that I have), and I loved the 4’s, I didn’t love the 5’s so much – I thought the tip was really blunt.  And, there’s the issue of the breakage.  I didn’t sit on the needle in some crazy position – the wood is just really soft, and it snapped like a twig.  Is it worth replacing?  Maybe I should just let this set go, and maybe get a set of Addi’s for my birthday.  But I do really like the join . . .

Any thoughts?  All advice welcome!

Hope everyone’s knitting is going smoother than mine!

On the other hand, my reading is back on the right track.  I mentioned last post that I was probably going to start this book:
Product Details
And, indeed I did.  I’m really enjoying it, but I think I’d be enjoying it more if I remembered the first book, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.  I remember the first book well enough – a basic outline of the story, the characters he meets on the way, the revelations he has, the ending.  But, I don’t remember all of the minute. finer details – so while I see that Queenie sees things much differently than Harold, I feel like I need to go back to the first book to get the full effect.  But, I like it, and it feels to good to be in the middle of something, not slogging through the beginning of something I know I’ll never finish.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think about the Knitter’s Pride Needles!

Yarn Along – A New Project


A mystery complete, a project done.  You know what that means!  Time to cast on a new project.  Ok, it could mean that I pick up a project that’s languishing in the “to do” pile, or the hibernating pile, but nope, today it means, I started a new, easy, relaxing knit.  Voila – I give you Cameo!
cameoYou may recognize the yarn as the jewely-toned beautiful skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock, Farmhouse, that I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool at the beginning of the month.  Here, let’s take a closer look:

farmhouse2Just the happy colors I’m in the mood for after the basement full of poop disaster this weekend!  In this photo, you can really see the nice twist to the yarn – it’s really squishy, and I love it.

You may be saying to yourself, hmmm, that shawl looks very similar to Color Affection, and didn’t you already knit Color Affection?  Well, yes I did.  But, Cameo is slightly different.  First, I’m doing one of the solid colors in a multi.  The multi will then transition to the striped section, and finally will end with a solid for the lace section.  So, it’s different – slightly.  This pattern also has picots every fourth row.  So, yeah, different.  Lace and Picots, totally different.

But, I do have a devious plan in the works.  I know my mother covets my Color Affection.  I’m thinking that if I finish this, and present her with both Earth and this at the same time, and tell her to pick, there’s a good chance she’ll be seduced by the colors in this one (as opposed to grey which is not really her color), and I’ll get to keep Earth.  That’s fair, right?

I definitely hear a Greek chorus singing, “Right!”

On the reading front, I read another book on Crazy Quilting, but I’m off from work today, and I really want to sink into a really really good book.    I think I’m going to buy this one, since I loved The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry:

Apparently, it’s not exactly a sequel or a prequel, but a story that takes place at the same time as the first book, running parallel in time I guess.  I’ll report back next week because I hit the “Buy with One Click” as I was snatching the link.

And, back to knitting for a moment (because I can always go back to knitting for more than a moment), you know I’ve been on the Mystery Knit bandwagon, and I‘ve offered up my tips and advice for picking one, so I thought I’d throw this one out there for anyone who thinks they might be up for a good mystery – the Shetland Trader MKAL.  Now, it is Gudrun Johnson’s first MKAL, but I have faith in her as a designer that she’s going to pull it off.  I already have yarn for her current pattern Wickerwork in this month’s Twist Collective, and I don’t think there’s a pattern that she’s designed that I don’t love or at least respect.  So, I have it in my queue, I just haven’t totally committed yet.  Mostly because the only yarddage I have in my stash that would work for this is kind of earmarked for something else, but since I’m buying yarn for Water, that starts in July, I don’t know if I want to buy yarn for two projects when I kind of have it in my stash.  I know you get it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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If You Yarn Along Long Enough . . .


. . . you end up with a finished project!!!

Sometimes they don’t turn out so good.

And sometimes they do.

This one definitely did!

I give you my finished Earth KAL Shawl designed by Fiddleknits Designs.

Ta da!  The project took four and a teensy bit of a fifth skein of Quince & Co’s Tern, which is a yummy wool/silk blend.

And, in a moment of daughterly love and goodness, and even though I had already gotten her a Mother’s Day gift because the shawl wasn’t quite finished it yet, I promised it to my mother.  And, she has already picked out her winter outfits with which it will look fab.

And I am a truly horrible person, because I am filled with a tinge of regret (small, really  small, I’m not that horrible) that I’m not keeping it for myself.  Sigh.  I tell myself that maybe I’ll make another one, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

Oh well.  I’m sure I’ll visit with it, and when I see her wearing it, it will make me smile.

As far as what I’m reading goes, I’m spending my time studying up on Crazy Quilting, as I mentioned in the last post, and I’ve been reading this book:


The book is a little hard to follow In digital format, as there’s a lot of flipping back and forth.  The finished hexagons are in the front of the book, with each stitch, bead, detail labeled and catalogued so that you can recreate the block.  The instructions for each stitch, though, are in the back of the book.  I’m a big fan of my Kindle/iPad Kindle reader, but this is one case I’d like a floppy paperback.  But, I’m working my way through it, following along with the diagrams and all and all, I think I’m learning a lot.

So that’s all for this week! Thanks for stopping by!

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Yarn Along or Come Along to Maryland Sheep & Wool


Happy Wednesday!  Once again I’ll be linking up with Ginny of Small Things for her weekly, Yarn-Along.

I’m now on the last clue of Fiddleknits Designs Earth MKAL.  I discussed the MKAL at length in my last Yarn Along post.  I really think the construction of this shawl was genius.  So genius, I’m not even sure I can explain it – mind boggling!  It started at the point of one of the shawl, knitting the body, and half of the first band of edging stitches at the same time.  When you finished the body of the shawl, you had half the first band of edging stitches knit, so in order to knit the second half, there was this short row maneuver to turn the work, and begin knitting the small cabled edging from the bottom center, to the end point.  Then, when at the end point, 25 stitches were cast on, and that’s the edging I’m working on now – which is joined to the body with an SSK.

Whatever I said, it looks awesome, right?

There are 50 repeats of the lace edge, and I think I’m on the 12th, so I’ve still got a bit to go, but I can definitely see and feel that light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s not going to be done in time for Mother’s Day, but that’s ok – because I think I gave my mom a shawl last year . . . and the year before . . . and the year before.  So, this year, it’ll be something else, and I guess I’ll just have to keep this one for myself.  Darn!

And, as I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, and I talked about in this video, this past Saturday was high holy day of East Coast knitters, the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  My friend, Christina, aka Knitty D, and I have been going every year for longer than we care to remember – a looong time.   This year, I was pretty much Instagramming the whole time – which was awesome!  I really loved sharing in real time.

So, in case you weren’t following me on instagram (I’m TeaWithLemon on Instagram if you do want to follow), I shared sheep – of course!

And our purchases:

 Look – that skein I’m waving excitedly in the first photo – the ever elusive Wollmeise Twin.  There was one basket of Wollmeise at the entire festival – and of course, we found it, clever girls that we are!  After purchasing it, I spent some time with it, and frankly, I don’t know what the big deal is – but I’ll hold off my final judgement until I actually knit with it.  The next photo is me clutching my Miss Babs – 3 skeins of Yowza, a big ol’ skein (560 yds) of worsted, for this sweater.   And, I do mean clutching – no one was going to snatch my yarn – that yarn was flying off the shelves – all of those folks in the bottom middle photo – that’s Miss Babs’ booth – and the line stretched out the back of the barn, all the way down to the fence you can see in the bottom left photo.  The gentlement with the mandolin was kind enough to entertain us while we waited . . . and waited.  But, we won – we got our yarn, all that matters.  In the side middle photo, you can see my next purchase, fingering weight Shetland for this sweater.

One of my favorite vendors at Sheep & Wool is basically a junk store – lots of old printer’s trays, spoons and forks bent and prodded into cellphone holders and napkin rings, old spools, bottles, knitty noddies. So much fun stuff!  The felted R2D2 was not part of the junk shop.  Can I just tell you – felt was HUGE this year.  Needle felted gnomes, ornaments, Star Wars figures – you name it, it was felted.  Also big this year, wool applique and wool based art quilting.

And, not only are there Sheep at Sheep & Wool, we can’t forget about the goats:

Oh, what the heck, and a few more sheep:

Can’t have too many sheep, right?  Livestock is only a once a year thing for me, at least.  And, don’t be fooled by the lazy sheep photos, some of the sheep are working, taking orders from a showing off sheep dog:

As always, the dogs were impressive.

And, after all of the purchasing and sheep petting was done, we ended the day the only way you should in Maryland, with crabs:

Can it get better than this?

And, reading?  Hmmmm . . . books, I remember them.  No time for reading this week – there was yarn to be had, dammit!  I have decided that I am abandoning A Little Life.  I really really wanted to like it because Anne Kingman, from my favorite books podcast, Books on the Nightstand, recommended it so highly – so highly in fact, that she devoted and entire episode to it.  But, I just don’t like it . . . at all.  So, life is too short to continue on with a 700+ page book you don’t like – by next week, I’ll let you know what I’m reading next.  Perhaps this or this.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Knitting on the Porch, Sheep and Wool!!


Maryland Sheep & Wool was fantastic as always!!! In the video, I chit chat about my purchases, the fair, and of course, sheep! There’s some talking, there’s some video, there are some photos – enjoy! I do have to say though, I’m getting old my crafty friends. I am so beat in the video. I wanted to just hold off and record it today, but Joe was like, no no, record while everything is fresh. I think it would have been equally as fresh today, and probably a bit more coherent. Oh well! But, I do think I’ve worked out the sound with my new lapel mic. Now, I just have to work on the camera angle. I’ve found that the best way to look into the camera of my ipad is to have it oriented vertically. Unforunately, when I import it in to iMovie, it imports horizontally, cutting off my head. I think I just have to move the camera back, and have more room above my head when I film, so that when it rotates, that head room is what will be cut off. The real solution, of course, is to put my camera or our video camera on a tripod, import the video onto my PC, and edit the movie with my Adobe Software. But, when I decided to do some video for the blog, I really wanted to keep it simple simple simple – and iMovie is just that. You just drop, plop and roll. So, we’ll see.

But, for now, enjoy my woolly journey!

Yarn Along, or Is This Mystery KAL Right For You?

Scroll down for the Moogly link up!


Hello and happy Wednesday!  This week finds me still chugging along on my Fiddleknits Mystery Knit-A-Long, Earth.

The first Earth Clue was released during the first week of April, and we’re now up to Clue 3, with the fourth and final clue being released Friday.

I’m almost done Clue 3, and by Friday I should be all set for Clue 4 – woo hoo! This may be done in time for Mother’s Day, and wouldn’t that be easy peasy!

I love how unique this design is, how the branches grow and spread across the fabric. Love it!

But, the question really is, how do you know you’re going to love a Mystery Knit-a-Long MKAL before you start it? You just don’t, it’s a crap shoot.

My first MKAl was, I thought, called Spring Surprise – or at least I thought it was, because when the first clue arrived in my box it was called Spring Suprice – because English was not the pattern designer’s first language.  The pattern was rife with errors (some of which were translation problems, but most of which were editing problems), and the second clue ended up being a lace pattern I abhor, with really complicated, unrewarding lacework on both sides.  It was a long time before I jumped on an MKAL bandwagon again.

And that bandwagon came to my door several years later with an Ysolda Teague MKAL, Follow Your Arrow.  I was confident dipping my feet back into the mystery pond because I love Ysolda’s patterns, and I had confidence in her steering the ghost ship safely to shore.  An,d the concept was fun and fresh – two clues each week, you pick which way your shawl is going to go.  I ended up with two fab shawls, and itching to do another KAL.

So, I found this group on Ravelry, KAL Fanatics, which has a calendar, and a forum post for every KAL and CAL out there.   Ok, so I found the list – now what?  How to choose?  I started sifting through my choices, looking at the KAL designers previous work, and asking myself the following questions:  had she hosted a MKAL before? did I like her previous patterns?  In her MKAL forum, did people seem to have problems with the previous pattern? In the shared photos section of her forum, did people seem to be finishing her projects?  The bottom line – could this designer deliver a successful KAL?  And then, if the answer was yes, I evaluated the description of the project.  No mystery sweaters – that was a total nonstarter.  Did I have the yarn in my stash or was I willing to buy something similar?  Lace or cables?  Miles of garter stitch, oh no.

In the end, I went with Fiddleknit’s Bonnie’s Wish, based on her active forum,  her previous patterns. and the description of the techniques used in the project, along with the fact I had yarn in my stash that would work fine.  No investment, other than time.

And, yeah!  I loved it!  There was a bump along the way – the yarddage requirement varied (f you didn’t swatch) – and I couldn’t blame the designer for my failure to swatch.  A lot of people ran out of yarn, I among them.  Luckily, I found a perfect contrast to my discontinued yarn, and my finished shawl was beautiful, and kept me warm and snug all winter.

So, when Fiddleknits advertised her Elements Series – which will be this one, Earth, the next one Water, followed by Air, Fire and the Philospher’s Stone, I knew I was in.  And now that I love Earth, I’m up for Water.  I even know what yarn I’m going to use – another Quince and Co. Yarn, Finch, in Peacock. It’s such a great color!

And that about wraps up the knitting portion of the post.  Maryland Sheep & Wool is this weekend, and I’m plotting my shopping strategy, which involves Miss Babs, so of course that’s always a duke ’em out at her overcrowded festival booth.  More on my purchases next week!  But, if you are interested in my buying plans, or what happened to my purchases from last year, I talked about it extensively in my video post here.

Now to the crochet.

No Sophie this week. This week, I pulled a project out of the WIPS pile. At Christmas, I crocheted a bunch of Elsa’s, and got really overloaded with crocheting stuffies. So, I had started a bunny for my newest niece for her first Christmas. I did the head and the body, and went uch, not another stitch, and back in the basket it went. With her birthday approaching, and no clue from her parents what to get her, I pulled out Miss Bunny, and finally finished her.


How cute is she. She’s the basic Lalylala pattern, with her free Bunny modifications. I already made a Sheepy, so I had the main body pattern.


Once she was finished, and I had to part with her (sniff), I put her in a box, and wrapped her up. Here she is unboxed and with her little girl –

First, there was a get to know you process –


And then she went straight to trying to rip her eyeballs out:


When that failed, there was a sweet hug, but she was turned away from the camera, and I missed it. Sneaky girl!

As far as what I’m reading – I haven’t made much progress on A Little Life.  Last week, I was signing it’s praises because of it’s fine writing – but now, I’m bemoaning the fact that there’s all there is – rich sentences, no plot.  Nothing has happened.  Nothing.  I feel like by next week, it may have gone into the hibernating pile, we’ll see.

And that wraps up my yarny adventures for the week! Make sure you drop by the Yarn Along!

Knitting on the Porch – Countdown to Sheep and Wool

Happy Monday everyone!  At first, I thought I’d publish my video posts over the weekend, but that was unrealistic – it’s hard enough to get it together to film it, but to edit and upload on the same day – eh, maybe.  So then, I thought, I’ll publish on Wednesday, and link up with the YarnAlong.  But, that’s really not realistic either – there are so many blogs to visit, posting such awesome things, that it just doesn’t seem right to ask people to stay at your blog any longer than anyone else’s.  Everyone gets a turn on the Yarnalong, and I wouldn’t want to be greedy.  So, I’ll continue to link up and visit on Wednesdays, but I’ll keep it to photos.  So, I think, Monday is a good day for a video post – a good way to start the week for all of those procrastinators out there, who still want to chit chat about yarn and what not.

So, here’s this weeks video, with linkage below.  But, before you click watch, I must warn you.  Last week, I realized that sound was pretty low, so I ordered a lapel mic.  It has not arrived.  This week’s solution was to practically sit on top of the ipad – which means most of the video is my big head.  BIG HEAD.  Sorry about that.  Watch it on a small screen, I guess.  Hopefully, I will have my new mic next week, and all will be well.  Thanks for watching!  Oh, and if you do watch – notice the window behind me.  Someone decided to photobomb my video!

In this video, I talked about:

The Earth KAL
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
Kate Davies Designs
Color Affection Shawl
Miss Babs
Twist Collective
Wickerwork Cardigan
Marsa Alam
The Lalylala Bunny
Embroidery at Creativebug
Rebecca Rinquist

Have a great week!

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Yarning Along

Yesterday, I began sketching out a schedule for the blog, and today, I’m linking up!  Crafting community, I’m coming for you!  I will find you!I found this link-up through the Love Your Blog Challenge – I love when a challenge leads to you spiraling free fall through the web, finding other lovely things on your way down the rabbit hole.  As I mentioned in my video post on Sunday, I think I’m going to post my yarny videos on Wednesday, but since I just posted one on Sunday, and I’m waiting for my lapel mic (see – working on that improving thing!) to arrive from Amazon, today will just be a photo-y post.  And boy do I have a photo for you – little Olive was feeling like a blog star, and did a little posing. But before we get to little miss Olive, I have some knitting to show you. As I mentioned in the video, I’m doing another Fiddleknits Designs MKAL, Earth and I’m loving my yarn, Tern, from Quince and Co.



 As you can see, the cable definition is fab. I’m halfway through Clue 2, and I’m really loving this design. I haven’t posted a photo of the whole thing because it is a mystery knit, so I guess it should be a bit mysterious. All will be revealed in time – and probably on a Wednesday! So, that’s it for the knitting. Now for the crochet.   Gosh, I’m still trying to get used to saying that!  And for the crochet, look – another Wednesday link-up!  Moogly’s Hookin on Hump Day!


I’m still hooking away on the Sophie’s Universe CAL, as is half of the crochet blogosphere – maybe even more than half.  Anyway, my first Sophie is one week behind the CAL, so I haven’t done the butterflies yet.  Which is strange since I’m such a butterfly girl, but you can only hold one project in your hands at a time, and I was busy with Earth, and with my second Sophie.  But, before we get to Sophie #2, here’s Sophie 1 –


I know that this Sophie is beautiful to some one, but to me, that periwinkle is an eyesore – especially in conjunction with the hot pink. The dangers of buying yarn on line – colors that don’t play well together. This Sophie is definitely going to be gifted, because I’m
keeping Sophie No. 2. Olive is going to be sad about this. She loves Sophie 1 –

Or she just wants me to throw her ball.
Look at that intense little face -she definitely just wants me to throw the ball, to heck with Sophie. And she certainly doesn’t care about Sophie 2 – her ball isn’t sitting on it.
Before I started Sophie 2, I did some real soul searching. Sophie 1 is knit in Valley Yarn’s Northampton. I flipped back and forth between Knit Picks and Valley Yarns, and since I had used another Valley Yarn before, I went with Webs. Both Knit Picks and Valley Yarns are affordable options for embarking on a project that sucks up yarn like an afghan, however, unless you order a color card, picking the perfect palette is a crap shoot. How was I to know Baby Boy Blue was really Periwinkle Peril? So, I struggled – try to order online again? splurge like a crazy pants person and my LYS. I had visions of a Silk Garden blanket – but to make that would have taken over 30 balls of yarn, for a $300+ price tag. Eek. And then third option, an acrylic. I’ve never knit a big project in acrylic – the only thing I’ve knit in acrylic are amugurumi. And, while I appreciated that acrylic does have it’s place in the world, I was put off by what I heard as an audible squeek when the yarn rubbed together not quite the right way. Well, it is plastic after all. But, a big project?

When we cleaned out Joe’s grandfather’s house after he passed away last October, I found Joe’s grandmother’s crochet basket in the attic. In it, she had her crochet patterns, including the chevron blanket pattern that she had made for all of her grandson’s in their favorite sports teams colorway. Joe’s blanket is in Chargers’ colors – blue and yellow, and it’s still on our couch in his man cave, in perfect condition. And, there in her basket, were skeins of Red Heart yarn that she had never gotten to, left unknit or unhooked. And while they were dusty, they were in perfect condition. They went in the garbage after all of those years in the attic, but the bottomline is, that yarn is indestructible, and in truth, it’s perfect for a blanket.

Once I made the decision to go with the acryllic, it was then time to plan colors.  I must have looked at every Sophie in Sophie’s Universe.  In the end, I picked a colorway that’s not only beautiful, but easy – Pollyplum’s RBG color scheme.  And, for someone clearly color challenged like me – periwinkle and hot pink, geez! – this design was perfect because she’s written out every row of color.  Thanks so much Pollyplum!!!


I’m not sure why that one green is reading mustard. I played around with my temp slider in Lightroom, but I couldn’t get it it’s true color, which is a green. Or maybe it really is mustard, and I’m blind as a bat. Maybe it’s like that episode of the Partridge Family, where David Cassidy is in love with this girl who wants to be a singer. He wants to put her in the band, but the truth is she can’t carry a tune. So, the family records her, and has him listen to her way off key vocals, and it’s only at hearing her objectively, without seeing her pretty face, that he can admit she’s terrible. Maybe I want it to be green, but it’s really mustard. Nah. It’s green.

And finally, to wrap things up,   Ginny, the author of Small Things, and the host of Yarn Along, would like to know what we’re reading.  Sadly, I can’t take a photo of the cover of my book with my yarny projects – I’m all digital there.  Frankly, at my age, it’s to have the ability to change the font size since my sun glasses don’t have a bifocal, and it’s the only way I can read outside.  In any event, I’m reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanihigara.  A Little Life follows the lives of four college friends as they find their way and themselves post graduation.  After the initial introduction of all of the characters, the story focuses on Jude, who suffers from debilitating pain and seizures from a childhood injury.  From what I’ve heard, this story is going to go really really dark, and graphic, and it’s not for everyone.  But, what I can tell you from what I’ve read is that once you step into this book, you step into it’s world, the writing is that good.  And, if you don’t want to step into the world of child abuse – this is not the book for you.  I’m about 120 pages in (the book is long, 700 or so pages, I think), and I sit down and read a chunk, and then absorb it.  It’s that kind of book. So, that’s what’s on the needles, on the hooks, and on the Kindle!  Thanks for stopping by! Basic CMYK [wc_divider style=”solid” line=”double” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]

Baaahhhhhhh! Or How a Pullover Became a Lamb

I had planned to make this:

ss4-20bigEunny Jang’s Autumn Rose Pullover from Simply Shetland 4.  I collected all of the correct colors of Jamieson Shetland Spindrift.  I bought the pattern.  And then, I put it in a bag, in a box, in a closet . . . and after much soul searching, it turned into a lamb –


lamb2Since my Jamieson’s has been sitting in a bag, in a box, and in two different closets since 2007 I accepted the reality that I am never going to knit Autumn Rose.  First, I clearly don’t feel like knitting an entire sweater on 1’s or 2’s or I would have done it already, and second, I probably don’t have enough yarn anymore since I had probably planned to knit a smaller size seven years ago, and that’s just the way it is.  So, the time had come to break up the yarn. Perfect timing, since I really didn’t want to buy yarn to make a stuffed animal.  So Mooskit, Old Gold and Bracken became Lupo the Lamb.  And, I’m ok with that.  As for the other colors, I think there’s a lion and a bug in the future.

And there’s always more fair isle.  Just not on 1’s or 2’s – just easy on the eyes and hands 4’s and 5’s.  This is Kate Davies Bliaithin Cardigan –


This cardigan has been sitting in its unfinished, uncut state for about a month now.  I’m a little steek shy after my last steek went horribly awry.  But, at least it’s not in a bag, in a box, in a closet.  It’s only at the in a bag stage – hasn’t made it to the box yet.  And, hopefully it won’t. To take the photo, I had to take it out of the bag, move it out of the craft room, and onto the second floor – so maybe I’ll keep it here – tomorrow is Columbus Day – perhaps a good day to cut a steek.

As good a day as any, yeah?

It might also be a good day to make a lion.

We’ll see.